Hello Everyone...


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Hello Everyone...

Hello :howdy:
Just wanting to say it since this is my first post,even though I have been lurking for quite awhile. I guess I finally just feel like participating and maybe even become part of the family.​


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hello hello welcome to the spf hope you enjoy your stay. as your a long time lurker i bet you have alredy read the faq. so then my only advice to you is that you should get a drink at the emb:thumbsup:


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wow, you've been here from the september without ever posting, welcome to the SPF, I think I don't have to remind you to do anything, though I'd suggest not taking that long break before your next post :lol:


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Hello !

I am a new member myself and I say welcome! :howdy:
This place is one of the rare forums where I meet realy nice people.
Lets hope it stays this way for a long time. :thumbsup:


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Hi, Stack!
Welcome to the jungle!

Nice of you to introduce yourself, but maybe you could elaborate a bit more?
Like, what kind of stack are you? TCP/IP, IPX, or maybe, if you're in banking, even Banyan Vines?

Also, where do you prefer to stack? The choices for D2 are limited to MacOS, Window$ or W(h)ine, of course, but your fav. may be different.

And lastly, what kind of stuff do you put in your stack (stash) with what characters, and why do you enjoy them?

Anyhow, enjoy your stay, make sure you leave the gray matter normally positioned between your ears in one of the jars just left of the pantry, and visit the EMB bar for some couleur locale. Your first drink is on me, the rest.... Well I'm sure Durf's card is still floating around somewhere...


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Hello there, nice to see you. Don't listen to any of these strange people around here. They're crazy.