Hello Everyone


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Hello Everyone

Ive been reading these forums for about 3 weeks and decided to finnaly register and i would like to take part in all the stuff going on here i currently have no single player characters and wish to start one i posted a thread in mp game if no one responds im going to go out on my own

Any suggestions for a build?


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Hammerdins or Fishymancer are good build to start out with.

Welcome to the SPF, enjoy your stay here! :howdy:


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welcome to the forums :D

I'd suggest the hammerdin

fishymancer = sidekick for skellies
hammerdin = lean mean killing machine



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Welcome to the SPF! Enjoy your stay here!:)

Fishymancers are not able to do Hell on players8 (well not fast anyway)
Hammerdins are able to do Hell on players8 and Fast!


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Welcome to the Addicts Forum. It is difficult to move away from the computer and go to bed!

Kolor Klown

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Welcome to the SPF
I'd say start with fishymancer, I started with one and it turned out all good for my following characters (and plus, necro have some sweet looking armor :D )

-Klown :xsmile4:


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Hi Sky,

welcome to the forum! I'd say go for the VegaSorc (MeteOrb). After one and a half years of premier meleeship I finally started a Fishymancer and a VegaSorc. Even though the Fishy is very effective (make that very, very effective), I find the VegaSorc is more fun.

Cheerio and have fun!


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Hi there ITS and welcome to the bestest, most fabulous forum in the quadrant.

Even though I´m not playing MP myself, I´m sure lots of people would want to play with you.

May your stay be a long and pleasant experience.

CHEERS! :drink:



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Welcome to the forum. :howdy:

I started playing fishymancers, and it is a lot of fun. :jig:


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Greetings and welcome to our forum. Please remember to read the FAQs and behave in front of our elite uniques.

You can pretty much try any character, as they all have their good points - don't feel like you have to stick by a cookie cutter. It just depends upon what you prefer doing (such as bashing monsters, shooting them from afar, casting spells, organising minions, etc).

Feel free to drop by at the local forum bar, the EMB, for a quiet drink or two - the first one's on me.

Enjoy your time here.