Hello everybody!


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Hello lovely Diablo 2 Community.

Iam a long time lurker and a big admirer of the untwinked 99er challenge.
After playing this game modded trying to complete the holy grail challenge, i got a little bit bored and thought i would gives this untwinked 99er challenge a try.
Iam really looking forward to joining the race allthough i dont have alot of time on my hands. Iam also undecided on what class i will be joining. Unsure if barb or assa.

To give you People a Little bit of information about myself:

Iam 29 years old, married and recently became the father of a wonderful boy. Hence the little time to play diablo 2. I live in Austria, iam working part time and trying to finish my studies of becoming a history and psychology/philosophie teacher.

Thats it folks. Sry for bad englando.

Ill see you guys in the 99ers Thread.

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Assassin will be harder than barb to get to 99 untwinked I think.

I am also a teacher, in math and physics :) Good luck in getting your teachers degree!