Hello, DClone!


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Hello, DClone!

With the introduction of the new patch, I've heard that DClone can now be spawned in both normal and nightmare. Is this true? I was trying to read thru the patch but can't seem to find it:


I'm actually sitting in a nightmare game, since I saw the Soj counter go for three times now. Is it worth to wait it out?

Sat for about 1 hour. Nothing.

Bleh, tired of waiting. Server is 29 if you want to try it yourself.
US West SC ladder if that matters.


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Re: Hello, DClone!

almost positive this isn't true - Quite sure I missed a walk in a NM game. Just due to how the soj messages came fast & furious then stopped. I didn't check to see if that server walked on the counter boards but quite sure it did and I didn't get him in NM.