Hello, any nonladder people out there?


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Hello, any nonladder people out there?

OK i just checked US East Trading forum right now and on the first page, there was ABSOLUTELY no thread for nonladder trading. I also noticed just months ago, there were a lot pf people on B-net chat. now i see like 2 people. has that many people really gone over to ladder for all of its benefits?
I know there are still a lot of nonladder people, but are their numbers gonna keep shrinking and shrinking until we have like 14 games going at once?
Is there any way to know exact (or roughly exact) ratio between ladder players and nonladder players in US East? just curious.
By the way, this thread was not meant as a complaint. i was just kind of shocked to see NO nonladder thread in the trading forum.


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In general, there really isn't much point NOT to play ladder. You get more equipments and it's more of a challenge because the monsters are a little harder. In simpler words, it's just funner (if that's a word).


i played first season ladder and now play non-lad only

i have played both so i can make a valid statement on this argument


yep, u can get high end items much easier which takes off a lot of stress

this doesnt mean u can just get godly items from doing nothing, u still have to do things

ppl play ladder for items uniq to ladder - there are non-lad uniq items too!

there are alot of 08 items, and duped rares from classic which are much better than alot of ladder items

when ladder resets, non-ladder will have both the ladder only items AND the godly non-ladder stuff - there will be the best characters ever

however those who then start the new season 3 ladder, will go back to only having the ladder stuff again, as well as having to start from scratch..


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Yeah when the new runewords came out, i really wanted to switch to ladder, but i had like 2 accounts on nonladder. too bacd cuz i was once playing ladder (before the runewords) then my cousin started nonladder, so i abandoned my ladder stuff (not that i had much) then got to ladder. by helping each other, me and my cousin set our selves up in nonladder, and i dont want to abandon all my stuff. Besides, its gonna suck trying to start from nothing on ladder. i only get to play like 3 hours a week so it takes me very long to build a decent char, and in dont have much time to MF either. and i DON'T plan on using any bots.