Hello .. and a question =)


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Hello .. and a question =)


i am a returning player. I used to play D2 back int e days of 1.09 patch with realms infested with ith items and when zons would rule in pvp and endless cow runs. So it has been some time and im excited about checking out the changes in these followup patches.

I have an issue though. I recently bought a copy of D2 because i lost my old battlechest. After installation, however, i cannot connect to battlenet. i do not even see the option to chose USEast, USWest or the traditional realms in my gateway selection page. What i see instead are these :

FSGS: server.fsgs.net
Brutal Clan Server
Intranet: o.o.o.o

These are showing where it should show the USeast, USWest etc. options.

I tried to connect to battlenet anyway through each of these servers and did not get any success. I have never seen these before and do not really know if these are an addition from the new patches. When it fails to connect it says to go check out the battlenet error messages faq page. I went there but did not find anythgn specific to my problem. I would have posted this in the battle.net forums but you need an account to sign in and i havent even been able to get online to create an account.

If anyone can tell me what to do it would be highly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read. =)



edit : i did download and install the latest patch, so thats not an issue.