Hello and a question


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Hello and a question

Thought I should say hi as this is my first post here, so hi!

I've just downloaded ATMA (wish I'd known about it before) and saw the giveaway thread and trading forum, and I'd like to know which items are worth keeping for trading and stuff? I really have no idea which are useful to people and which are worthless, is there anything in particular I should look out for like lots of +skills on an item or something?


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Welcome to the forums!

If you have questions about item values, you can find out at the SP trading forum (bit further down from the SPF from the forums menu).


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Thanks, I was wondering if non-Uniques were ever wanted for trade, but looking at the forum it seems not which makes sense I suppose.


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No way. There are set items, rares, magics and even normal items (e.g. nice ingredient for White wand) that are valued. Also traded are gems, jewels, and charms, although trading of runes is now banned.


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Non-unique items are in demand, but the ones that are actually worth good are extremely hard to come upon.


2os wands with +3 SM, +3 RS, +3 Filler are worth good.

So are eth socketed armours and weapons.


Cruel (high end) [insert usable weapon] of Quickness/any suffix with IAS, hopefully 3os or 2os from quest

These have intense worth, if you find one, I wouldn't trade it away.


Circlets with +2 Skill, + Rez All (10+), + FHR, + FCR, + Life(10+), + Teleport Charges, + Poison Damage Reduction

A mixture of these = godly helm = untradable as well. =P

Also, find something similar to above (Cruel+IAS+more mods+2os), and it's worth nice.


+2 Ammies with Life, Rez All, higher than Mara's will have worth.



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Welcome to the SPF! :thumbsup:

omgwtfbbqpwned's summary is pretty good.

I would add that "demand" is a high subjective term because there are many builds and many playstyles not to mention softcore versus hardcore. One man's useless junk is another man's highlight.


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Collect all flawless gems and upgrade them to perfect. They are used in trades often.

Also check Grand charms for skillers. (keep every skiller, it might seem that +1 curses or +1 defensive auras are not so useful, but you never know...)

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