Hello again, trying again.


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Hello again, trying again.

Well, I briefly posted here some time ago, asked for some help, made a controversial post or two and became frustrated by D2 once again.

I purchased Sacred and after playing a bit once again decided if I was to play these type of games, D2 is the only one I really enjoy.

That being said, I once again contemplate which character might get me through hell where I have failed everytime before.

Sadly, Im no smarter than before, and cannot bring myself to play the characters that give this poor impatient player the best chance. I think a Sorc or Fishy mancer would be my best choice and have read the guides. Giving it my best shot, I simply do not enjoy them and have given in to the fact that I will succeed or fail with a melee character.

That being said, I feel I am left with the pally or the Mighty brbarian. Sadly, I think the Barbarian is the poorest choice for what will be untwinked, as my hard drive crashed and I am starting from scratch. I believe the best choice given my self imposed choices are the Pally in the form of a Telsadin or Frostadin. I have tried both, like them both less than Barbs (some deep seated issues keep me coming back to fail with Barbs). I tried to love the Concentrator I have made, but sadly lack the patience to play this strong character. Hal wrote an excellent guide.

So I am left with these options (and likely more) that I am considering for yet another attempt.

Double Swinger of some sort (easily my favorite character) CB for offense and DR for defense is my idea.

WW of any sort. To be honest, ww always seems very good to me. 2h, dw or 1h and shield would all be acceptable.

Frenzy, though untwinked seems doomed

One of the two Pally's, both being less dependant on good weapons and probably my least favorite as well.

I have taken each of these to Hell, In SP I have never gotten beyond act 2.

Hello again, and if anyone cares to wade in, Im happy to read it, until then, once again to the guides.


Mistakenly posted this in the regular Barbarian room and will ask for it to be deleted.

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Welcome back. Always nice to see people returning to the game.

Don't worry about making a character to get you godly items or good starter items. Just play a character you enjoy. That is the whole point of the game, to enjoy it.

So just start a character you think you will enjoy and start playing. Everything else will fall into place.:thumbsup:

And if you are worried that your first character won't be good enough to play in hell, don't worry. People mat/patted naked and weaponless characters.


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If you think that melee is what you will like, but you are playing untwinked, try tesladin, they are melee, but their damage is equal to skills, not damage on the weapon, so they are easier untwinked. Similar character is frostadin.


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Hey there :)

Welcome to the boards, hope you enjoy your stay a little. By all means play the way making you enjoy yourself, there's enough mindless wealth-gathering thickheads around as it is ;)




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Welcome to the SPF :wave:

I second the suggestion of a Frost Zealot, since all the damage is cold related your weapon just needs to be fast and not damaging. It's one of my favorite characters...


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Die is cast

Well the decision is made, and Slayer pushes on with Double swing.

So I have decided on maces, so I will not up Dex, at this point at lowly lvl 15 I have put all points into Vita. He is durable to say the least at this point. Double swing now uses no mana, and he is pretty brainless to play, which I like.

Ravenclaw I think it was dropped the lowest lvl unique club, so I felt the gods are humoring me atleast in the beginning of this folly. So he now dual wields clubs, and stands against the mobs with him and his trusty Rogue.

Figureing untwinked, and with what I can reasonably expect to find, I have decided Crushing Blow will have to be my offense. Goblin Toe, Crushflange/Strenth Rune word and crafted Blood gloves would give me 60-68% crushing blow.

Considering at this point my only sure points spent will be:

Bo 20
DS 9
BC 1-20
NR 9-13
MM 1-20

So at a minimum I will spend 40 points with a maximum of 72 planned for, leaving me quite a bit of flexibility. I have not included Bash even though its a synergy, because it seems raw damage will not carry me through as I will rely on CB.

I believe defense will be too low to help me, leaving me with BC and either %DR or straight DR for protection along with high life from BO and mostly Vita as my point dump. I can reasonably expect to get near the max %DR or 75 straight DR from socketing SOL's into cheap armour and helm along with a DR ammy.

So the dilemma is what to use my extra skill points on? WC seems very tempting and I need to atleast go up to first level of Berzerk.

My lack of straight damage does concern me from a life leach aspect, mana is not really needed much, so that is not a concern.

LOL, as a side note, I find it odd that no one has seemed to be able to improve on the simple concept of this game enough that I would play it instead of this. Maybe im just old and this is familar.



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DS!DS! good choice, if you go more along a long lasting charater you can just beat things to death, though it might take time. And go ahead and double hork everything, more items/pots= good. If nothing else sell the left overs and buy yourself some goodies.


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Normal is complete. STR is up to 100, everything else is in Vita. At present I am wielding two hammers. Character is easily my most durable I have built, of course it is only Normal but at Players 8 I only died once, not paying attention in the sewers and I got poisoned and was out of Health pots. I finally have some life leach now, though my damage is so low, that it doesnt do much really.

Skill points for the most part are as follows

DS 9
Bo 10
BC 10
MM 1
NR 5

The pereqs and about 6 or so points saved.

Meph, Diablo and Baal were all just a matter of holding down the attack button as they had no real chance of killing me. Playing with yellows and blues with a couple of low lvl Uniques. I have my original Rogue Merc and Plan to take her through the game if possible.

I think I badly need to find Crushflange or the axe equivalent to get some crushing blow.

Well off to Nightmare.