Hellforge rushing


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Hellforge rushing

Looking to hook up with someone who is willing to trade rushes to hell hellforge for the *runedrops* This is to be on West Ladder my account name is suffer_elite


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Do you need to be rushed, or are you providing rushes? If you need to be rushed for your hellforge i can help you.

/w strykervirago


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Im talking about some dedicated rush trading with the sole purpose of getting the rune drops like level 3-4 chars in hell hellforge. Im looking to find someone who wants to spend some time doing this.


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Screwjack, I've been doing this for myself with two PCs, but would enjoy it more with a partner.

I'd be using a 93 lvl hammerdin without MH or enigma, so I rush efficiently, but not ultra fast. I have duriel mules for norm and NM, but not hell.

I live in Asia, so probably easiest to arrange times Friday and Saturday evenings.

If you're interested in trying something this weekend to see how it goes.



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I'm interested in doing this. I think I have some strategies that will work out too, cutting down on the rush time...Msg me and we'll talk...You too gyro. First of all we need to get a team together so other people interested in this idea, chime in now. I'm thinking of doing a 8 person team.

Tell me what you think.

btw, I'm a lvl86 Meteorb Sorc, working on a dclone killin Zealot.


/w *jeff753 USWest Ladder


I'd be interested in this as well, although I may need some tips on how to rush in hell because my char isn't exactly twinked. I'm on USWest LAdder. account: Angel_of_heaven


west SC Ladder lvl85 pally 3.7k dmg, merc does 4k dmg (lvl85).
Msn avail through PM
Im also on mirc quite a bit.


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I'm interested as well.

Got 85 skellimancer (great for ancients), 83 hammerdin,
86 bliz, 83 meterorb on SCL.

Someone want to organize a time and day?

I'm usually on between 8.30-11pm PST on most days.

/w *vdin, vsorcb


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I have a level 80 avenger with max conviction, which means I can't do jack by myself but if you are putting a party together I'd love to help out the sorcs and javazons. No immunes! I'd be up for plain old mf too.

uswest scl, *gamera23, *gamera24, *gamera25

I'm on Bnet every night 9-10 pacific