Hellforge Rushing Guide


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Ok some confusion here, I dont DO the cain quest, I go straight to catacombs 2, then 3, 4, kill andy.

Of course you see cain in 2,3,4,5, but (this is .09b) get your rushee who (most likely died) in catacombs 4, back to town, and see cain spawn by the campfire, if he doesn't have the fire between you and rushees he will come over for a chat, most likely what is causing your time outs as well. I haven't have a SINGLE time out since noticing this, and it only happens in act1

hope its a bit clearer
Something is not right, if your character being rushed dies in Act 1. The only time a rushed character is anywhere other than the Rogue Encampment is when you go to kill Andariel. Then, the rushed character can be anywhere in level 4 of the Catacombs. After entering level 4, and killing any monsters in THAT room, I set a portal just to the left of the stairs, and bring a rushed character in. Because the monsters are dead in that room, there is no danger to the rushed character. I don't even kill the monsters in the second room, just teleport into the main chamber, and kill Andariel.

Hope that helps.



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I know that Tim is not questioning the mechanics of completing a rush... Truth be told, Tim has probably done more rushes than most and is very proficient at rushing (though a little unfocused at times :p )


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if it really helps i would take a screeny of cain, but there is no way to "prove" i only went to the catacombs, just trust me cain does end up being freed by the rogues once andy is dead.


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I'm having a LOT of trouble finding the modified d2gfx.dll which is compatible with 1.09b. If someone could send me a PM or something that would be great.

The only place that I could find that had it was Phrozenkeep but it was flagged as a premium file requiring a paid subscription, which dosn't seem exactly legal to me to be selling hacks for someone else's intellectual property, but what do I know. :shocked:

Nevermind, I found it. :grin:


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Re: Hellforge Rushing Guide

I don`t want to make another topic, so I`ll post my advices here. It would be nice to merge them with the first post so that all would be in one place (if my advices are deemed worthy :wink:).

You can speed up things in Act 2. However this will make it possible to run only 6 chars per run. What you do is make a special character for each difficulty level. First time you do the run collect the staff go to kill the summoner. Open the portal, enter with the special char and read the journal. Then go to the right tomb and place the staff on the orfice with this char. Get back to town and get back to act I. Proceed normally. The next time this 'special' char will host a game the entrance to tal rasha chamber will be opened and he will have info in his quest log saying thich symbol is the right one. So when you host with him/her the only thing you need to do is open his quest log to see the right symbol and go to duriel. No need to collect the staff, no need to kill the summoner, no need to visit the journal, no need to open the chamber.
Things you need to remember:
- you need a char of this type for all difficulty levels,
- you need to host with some rushee in order to get pas act 1,
- after killing Andy host with this prepared char,
- prepared char must stay in act1 all the time. If he is in act2 when you kill duriel he`ll have the quests completed and can no loger play its role.

In act4 you can speed things up a little bit. When you have opened all seals and killed all bosses that appear 'from' them all other monsters in the sanctuary will be killed. So you can skill everything open the seals and the rest will die so there`s no reason to kill them on the way to diablo and waste time on them. However this will most probably be very hard (skipping monsters) on hell difficulty so watch out. Still, it can speed things up on normal and nightmare.


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Re: Hellforge Rushing Guide

You can speed up things in Act 2. However this will make it possible to run only 6 chars per run.
Good suggestion- basically, it is a Durimule for SP plan. One thing that is worth mentioning is that you can actually get 7 characters through by having the rusher leave the game and having another rushee join and take that place in the party. The rusher leaves right after killing Duriel, but before any of the rushees talk to Tyrael. The "kill Duriel" quest is really completed when the character talks to Tyrael, so as long as another character joins and parties before a rushee talks to Tyrael, you are set.

Here is a link to a miniguide I wrote a while ago about Durimules: http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=410930 That guide is oriented to b.net. The main difference is that the Durimule can leave the game on b.net, but in SP if the Durimule (who made the game) is the host and leaves, everyone else is booted out. So by staying in A1 the Durimule can still host but not get the quest. When I do it, I don't have the Durimule party the others. I don't think it makes a difference, but I haven't actually checked that out. (I don't want to take the chance that the Durimule gets the quest, as that pretty much ruins that character's usefulness.)



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Re: Hellforge Rushing Guide

Say, LordHoth and I are looking for modified dll's for multiple instances for Classic and LoD, respectively. However, we can't find them anywhere, including on Phrozenkeep. Could anyone please hint at where to find them?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Hellforge Rushing Guide

Hey out there.

I've been wondering how can i create a character ind 1.09 classic? - how is it done?

I play single player and uses atma and RWM/RMM :)