Hellforge Bounty


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Hellforge Bounty

The Countess has given me the cold shoulder and has been very stingy towards me dropping only 1 Ist in 100's (at least 500) of runs. Gotta love it when she drops the El/Eld combo or better yet nothing at all. =/ Sooo, I self rushed a couple of chars over the weekend for the sole purpose of getting my hands on some decent runes to upgrade to Vex for the HotO my pally has patiently be waiting on for months.

My first char "SmokeyForge" got a decent nm drop "Lum" but hell was a very disapointing "Io" (Booo). I was determined to at the very least to get a rune that would give me hope that I could someday cube me that oh' so vexxing Vex. I created my second forger "SmokeyUp" and continued to make my way past norm/nm Baal. It was getting late so I decided to save the soulstone smashings for the following day.

The next day I signed on to my pc's totally forgetting where I had left off. I was quickly reminded when I saw "SmokeyUp", so off I went to Act4 nm with my lvl91 sorcie with her Hephasto bloodlust to clear the way for my now lvl2 soul smasher. As I was setting the stone on the alter I stangely had warm thoughts of Um and a few seconds later guess what dropped. I was elated! It was the first time I've ever had a top 3 rune (Um being #1 for nm)drop from the forge.

Happy as could be I plowed on through hell to try my luck at the big jackpot. The hell Hellforge has been hell for me. My last two visits have netted me a worst possible drop "Hel" and the above mentioned 2nd worst "Io". The best drop I've had that I can remember in my entire D2 career has been an "Um".

The D2 gods did indeed smile on me this day.
"SmokeyUp" set the stone down and to my surprise that odd feeling flowed over me again. Yes, I'm sure you've figured it out where this is going by now, another amazing best possible forge drop--> "Gul"!
So, to make a short story long I now have hope. =)
I assume you were using the nox method of hellforge rushing?

btw, my hell hellforge drops have always been hell, with my latest one yielding a... Hel. :rant:

Lord Chaos

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hmmmm, how did you get past Bhaal?, if my characters kill Bhaal the smaller characters doesn't get the quest.


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Cloud_Walker, Damn those Hels to Hell damnit! Not familiar with nox, a member here?

Lord Chaos, when I get to act5 I create a public game (ex:Baal for Quest) with my rushee char. I then enter the game with my rusher char. and head off to Baal. Usually a person that wants to move on to the next difficulty will join the game before I get to Baal. As long as someone that needs the quest is there when Baal croaks my char. in town will get the quest.
They're grateful for the help and i'm one step closer to Vex.
It works out nicely.


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my first too forges in 1.10(hell) both yielded me guls...and a lem from nm forge on one of the same chars


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Ryshenron168703 said:
my first too forges in 1.10(hell) both yielded me guls...and a lem from nm forge on one of the same chars
I got that exact same thing for my barb a Gul in Hell and a Lem in NM


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Cloud_Walker said:
hmmm. so you never have problems with no one joining to get the quest for your rushee?
If noone joins by the time I reach the throne room I just mf Baal and recreate till the quest is done. Sometimes people join that just want to get some exp from Baal minions. I have no problem with that. Occasionally I will even assist those that ask for help with the ancients.

Even though it is considerd a rush I'm really not in any rush to fly through the game. I enjoy all the acts (cept' most of act3) and this type of play allows me to run through the entire game in a couple of hours. Once my rushee has reached nm I tend to slow down and kill more uniques on my way to next quest. I have found some good items this way. Last nite very nice "Heavens Light" popped on my way to the maggot lair.

Nightmare is usualy never a problem for the Baal quest..
Normal is a different story for some reason, probably because they dont know what to make of a norm Baal game with a lvl1 and 91.

Btw: I ran the forge again last nite. NM: Dol, Hell: Ist. :D


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SnowDrake said:
o.o, is there a way to self rush to hellforge without having 2 PCs?
Yes there is but it takes a lot of initial time, I will explain.

Create a "Classic" Ladder character (rusher to be), I actually created 2 a cold sorc for normal and NM and a Hammerdin for Hell.

Level up your rusher(s) to an acceptable level.
Create rushee and make game.
Rush through Normal and NM.
Start Hell game and complete Act1 and go east with wariv (If you don't complete Act1 your character will not be able to create Hell games when you convert him)
Convert your rushee to Expansion and complete the rush with your expansion Character.

This method works as you do not need to do Ancients/Baal in Classic :D

Edit I didn't read the post correctly.
How can you possibly self-rush without 2 PC's (well you could use a hack to run 2 instances of D2 on the PC, but you would most likely get banned :()
My method is for having 2 PC's


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What is the best possible hellforge drops? Is this correct?

Normal: El-?
Nightmare: Sol-Um
Hell: Hel-Gul


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Wow..I feel unlucky... The first time I did Hellforge with a half-decent character, I got El, Sol and Hel.... of all the things. You would've thought I could have at least gotten a Tir.


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that makes no sense, gul is highest drop?

i heard that there was a slight chance it could be higher than gul? like some people found sur or ber and such...

or are they lying.