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[caption id="attachment_378766" align="alignright" width="206"] The olde schoole type.[/caption]Forums are buzzing with a newly-discovered exploit using the Hellfire Amulet to enable ALL THE PASSIVES on your character. Here's the trick with one step omitted so we won't be spreading the cheat (though it's all over the B.net forums anyway). Thanks to Chumly for the email tip on this Hellfire Amulet Exploit:

1. Make any Hellfire Amulet.
2. Equip only the amulet.
3. ___________________
4. Take off the amulet.
5. The passive bonus is now locked onto your character. Regardless if you leave the game.

This is pretty obviously a major problem and we can assume the devs will be hotfixing it as quickly as human possible. Exploiting it would be a bad idea, since at least you'll get rolled back and at worst suspended or banned.
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I don't get the motivation behind botting or exploiting those cheats. Do you enjoy bragging (I do) if you've haven't earned it (I don't)? Or maybe twitch money is a lot better than I think it is.


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This sad little cheat has been plaguing the console version for a while now (long before 2.3).


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What is interesting is how people find those exploits. The condinions for thi one have to be quite specific. Random chance with the players pool large enough to make it statistically probable? But if that's just a chance how someone even notice the change? At least Death's Bargain exploit was not a glitch but an unforseen interaction between certain items and skills. It was perfectly logical and, in a sense, working as intended (producing beautiful positive feedback loop).


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Ahh, there it is. Phew. I was almost beginning to think we'd have a season without a season-breaking exploit.


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There were some off-hand comments about it a few months ago on the GameFAQs Diablo 3 (PS4) board. It was never explained, since the thread was a debate about gray areas of legit play. I asserted that Barbarians using Mortick's Brace to achieve really high GR clears wasn't strictly legit, since Blizzard took the item out of the game; but of course, they didn't remove it before it dropped for a great many console players. Some players believe because of this, the item is legit. I don't really agree. I feel it's exploitative behavior to use this item. Anyway, I never knew until today how the Hellfire exploit was actually achieved.

In the name of Zod

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It is no surprise to anyone because we have all become accustomed to D3 biggest and most well known technical flaw - snapshots/snapshotting. I don't think its a far cry to now say that D3 has had more bugs and glitches than D2 despite D2's huge bug list. A lot of the bugs weren't fixed in D2 which in many ways may have stopped a lot of more bugs being created. Every D3 patch seems to create new problems, I couldn't imagine how things will turn out now if they do do an xpak. Just saying.


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Yes you can, you just need a hellfire with each passive and redo these steps for each of them to stack them. Not sure why Flux is not putting the 3rd step in there but it's pretty self evident what the step is.


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I know it's an exploit but it'd be kinda fun to play with all the passives just to see how op you'd be. Would've been fun to try it on the PTR where things aren't permanent. Oh well. =P


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Just off the top of my head, I'd figure two or three extra Cube powers would be worth a lot more than two or three extra passives. They need to rework and refine a lot of the passive skills. Hell, I'd let you pick runes for passive skills, and switch certain "active" skills like wizard armor or war cry into passive skills w/ runes on them. Every button on the bar needs a reason to be pressed beyond "buff duration is low, better refresh."