Hellfire 1.01 patch is SCREWED


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Here it is almost middle of 2022 and I too would like to Thank Noobstorm for the patch files. Like
GreedyRadish, I too spent days looking for the patch files to replay the games.


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Thanks @GreedyRadish and @bobf073. I was surprised to have come across my own post from 10 years ago after internet searches xD.

I think I fetched those patch files from pirate bay. After looking through those files recently, it looks like there is a modified hellfrui.dll. I assume it was modified to make the hidden multiplayer feature work, since that feature was disabled in 1.01 version, but I don't really know what modifications it has. It also contains command.txt, used to enable hidden features, which is not in the original 1.01 patch.

Anyways, I obtained the original 1.01 installer and extracted it in a 32-bit virtual machine. I have attached the truly original files to this post:

- Hellfire 1.01 Installer (works on 16-bit and 32-bit OS only)
- Hellfire 1.01 Manual Patch (contains all the files that the installer produces, drop these into your Hellfire directory and replace all to apply the patch)