hell wsk+baal run 1-50


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hell wsk+baal run 1-50

well i though i would show you what doing 50 hell wsk+baal(full clears) with 415% mf on players 1 can give you.
As some of you know this is the first 50 runs out of 1000 i have decided to do.


Hell wsk+ baal runs 1-50 (all runs made on /players 1 and full clears)

  • Riphook, the meat scraper
  • +1 martial arts grand charm, wizendraw, mávinas caster
  • the gavel of pain, shadowfang
  • nothing
  • nothing Change of map
  • nothing
  • sigons sabot, tal rashas fine spun cloth, mosser blessed circle
  • cathans rule, Pierre tombale count, goreshovel, snakecord
  • the face of horror, tancreds cowbill, the battlebranch, amn
  • arcannas deathwand, infernal sign, sigons sabot Change of map
  • Civerbs ward, eth
  • the gavel of pain, mavinas embrace, hailstone mask, griswolds edge, frostburn
  • sandstorm trek, glyph circlet
  • Visceratuant, Rakescar
  • Visceratuant, ort Change of map
  • Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth, Bladebone, sigons wrap, irathas collar (map has changed due to mp game)
  • 6 soc berserker axe, immortal kings pillar, venom grip, Tearhaunch, credendum, baezils vortex, tomb reaver, nef
  • Cleglaw's Tooth, Skewer of Krintiz, eth
  • baranars star, tancreds spine, griswolds edge, angelic halo
  • skull splitter, steel driver, 2 iron sc, nef
  • kelpie snare, humongous, berserkers headgear, Tearhaunch, fiery sc of balance
  • sigons shelter, static sc of strength, emerald sc
  • stone raven, sigons shelter, griswolds heart
  • ith, nef
  • Soulfeast Tine, the gavel of pain, eth
  • eth
  • vidalas barb, irathas cuff, tir
  • soul harvest, ort, sc of vita
  • the cheftian. The impaler
  • cathans mesh, grims burning death Change of map
  • widowmaker
  • hawkmail, irathas cuff, nef, Gleamscythe
  • 4 soc all res 42 zakarum shield, 4 soc Acheron plate, vampire gaze, nef, bing sz wang
  • the redeemer, warlords trust, dol, Tal Rasha's Fine-Spun Cloth
  • hsarus iron stay, isenharts case, thul Change of map
  • the reapers toll, frostburn, stormguild, stone viel
  • (Map changed due to mp game) Trang-Oul's Girth, deathspade
  • shadowkiller, fleshrender, the ward, sanders riprap, aldurs stony gaze, Kinemil's Awl
  • nothing
  • tir, Milabrega's Diadem Change of map
  • steeldriver,hellcast, endlesshail, bladebuckle, rakescar, civerbs ward, butchers pupil, thul
  • silks of the victor, coif of glory, Sander's Superstition, bronze sc of vita, 2 eth, el, tir
  • hailstone gasp, el, amn, sigons visor, Executioner's Justice
  • gull, lance of yaggai, el,
  • eth, sapphire sc, steel gc of substance, gimmershred Change of map
  • mavinas embrace, hawkmail, arcannas head Change of map due to mp game
  • angelic sickle, skin of the vipermagi, ral
  • Razor's Edge
  • flamebellow
  • Harlequin Crest, Toothrow, amber sc of vita Change of map
some useful stuff and some useless stuff and still no perfect maras and azurewrath

EDIT: for some reason the numbers wont show:scratch: but its run 1-50 anyway


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At a quick glance, both the Gull and Executioner's Justice are quite nice to find. Well, rare at any rate. All in all, I'd be pretty pleased with all that.

Good luck on the next 950!


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Nice Tomb Reaver there! Searching for one myself now for my PoleArm barb but the damn thing cant drop :p Just like your Azurewrath heh.


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:D you all missed the redeemer;)

anyway yeah i had some good drops during those runs

btw baal rewarded me with a green breast plate on run 51 lol

i guess i just have to kill him some more :p


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Nice report, although how long does it take to keep track of these things... It just makes it all the more borring for me :/ And @ 3 mins to a baal run I like to keep going fast... How long did thses take you?


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mankey generaly i do this:
1:take skeletons from pindles garden
2:hit eldrich and his goons for the first revives
3:kill everything in the pit(full clear)
4:hit wsk and baal(full clear)

so it takes alot of time but i get some nice stuff;) (never counted)

and when im bored by this i grab Marlene and do a combo pindle hell meph run.

after im done with these 1000 wsk+baal runs Marlene will begin her mission to do 1000 pindle and 1000 hell meph runs

ohh and i keep a word document open names wsk where i write down all the important drops.


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The Executioner's Justice is nice, and the Tomby is too if it has nice stats. Did you get any of the best stuff from Baal? I guess the golden glorious axe was found in WSK


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the best stuff was not found from baal but from the wsk:)

baal is stingy:p but he learn sooner or later


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Nice found, I may soon restart my WSK/Baal run later. I do it with HC fishy, clean everything on his way, and kill baal @ P3.

Hope I have your luck :)

Wonko the Sane

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whomhead said:
At a quick glance, both the Gull and Executioner's Justice are quite nice to find. Well, rare at any rate. All in all, I'd be pretty pleased with all that.

Good luck on the next 950!
Gull is considered rare? I had no idea. My Fishy found one in the cold plains (or somewhere outdoors in act 1 normal anyway) the other day. Perhaps I should consider myself lucky :p

That be's some nice finds you got there. Just keep at it if you're not finding what you want; it'll show up eventually :)


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Wonko the Sane said:
Gull is considered rare? I had no idea.
That's right, Gull is TC3, a very rare class, just like TC87. The hardest part to complete grail: TC3, TC87, class specified, and very few rare items that don't drop often.