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Hell Mephisto Runs

Discussion in 'Single Player Forum' started by Sir Lanksalot, May 18, 2005.

  1. Sir Lanksalot

    Sir Lanksalot IncGamers Member

    May 17, 2005
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    Hell Mephisto Runs

    I've recorded the items i've got from my previous 100 Hell Mephisto runs and i was wondering if anyone was interested in my results. It would also be beneficial on my part to know if this was a good/bad set of runs and what i could expect from future runs.

    Reply if your interested and if no-one replies i'll get the message :lol:
  2. ChaoticTwitch

    ChaoticTwitch IncGamers Member

    Feb 25, 2005
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    hello Sir Lanksalot, i am intested. i was thinking of doing some hell meph runs soon to get some better gear for certain builds im thinking up. would be good if u included your amout of MF you were using. thnx for the run info in advance

    cheers, C.T.
  3. midnightvulture

    midnightvulture IncGamers Member

    Apr 19, 2005
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    I would be interested to see what you found.

  4. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    Yes, feel free to post your results. You should also write what is your MF, build and time per run.
  5. Sir Lanksalot

    Sir Lanksalot IncGamers Member

    May 17, 2005
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    I did all the runs with my lvl 83/84 Blizzard Sorc named Storm. She had289mf for the first 3 runs and from the 4th had 339 mf (see if you can see why :uhhuh: ) and each run took approx 2-4 mins, it only took a min or so to kill mephisto and the rest is spent identifying and selling things (is this slow). Also had the help of my lvl 83 defiance merc which tanked Mephisto while i Blizz'd him to death.

    1. Ribcracker, Beserker’s Hatchet
    2. Bloodthief, Langer Briser
    3. The Oculus
    4. Doomslinger
    5. –
    6. Sigons Visor, Naj’s Circlet
    7. –
    8. Headstriker, String of Ears
    9. –
    10. Twitchthroe, Cleglaw’s pincers
    11. –
    12. Crushflange
    13. Frostburn
    14. Naj’s Circlet, Venom Grip
    15. The Atlantean
    16. Howltusk, The Meat Scraper
    17. Dark Adherent
    18. Tancreds Spine
    19. Vidala’s Fetlock, Skewer of Krintiz
    20. Isenhart’s Case, Sigon’s Guard, Dark Clan Crusher, Civerb’s Icon
    21. Vidala’s Barb
    22. Vidala’s Ambush, Arctic Binding
    23. Crushflange
    24. Ravenfrost, Athena’s Wrath
    25. Vidala’s Fetlock
    26. Tearhaunch, Iceblink
    27. Hwanin’s Blessing
    28. Gleamscythe
    29. The Battlebranch (eth)
    30. Toothrow, Tancred’s Skull
    31. Ripsaw, Steelclash
    32. Isenhart’s Parry, Pierre Tombale Couant
    33. Vidala’s Fetlock
    34. Homunculus
    35. Corpsemourn, Dangoon’s Teaching
    36. Arcanna’s Flesh
    37. Sigon’s Wrap
    38. Baezil’s Vortex, Tancred’s Skull, Cathans Seal
    39. Guardian Angel, Bladebone
    40. Cathans Mesh
    41. –
    42. Griswolds Edge
    43. Dark Clan Crusher (eth), Sigon’s Wrap
    44. –
    45. Bonesnap
    46. Beserker’s Headgear
    47. Isenhart’s Horns, Sander’s Riprap
    48. Immortal Kings Pillar
    49. Culwens Point
    50. Tancred’s Skull
    51. Gravepalm, Hawkmail
    52. Tiamats Rebuke
    53. Tarnhelm
    54. Arctic Mitts, Beserker’s Hauberk
    55. –
    56. Dimoaks Hew
    57. –
    58. –
    59. Arctic Mitts
    60. Rakescar, Haemosus Adamant, Hsarus Iron Heel
    61. Blacktongue, The Tannr Gore
    62. –
    63. –
    64. –
    65. Hone Sundan
    66. Hwanin’s Splendour
    67. Lidless Wall
    68. Vidala’s Fetlock, Isenhart’s Parry
    69. Immortal Kings Stone Crusher, Sparkling Mail
    70. Rune Master
    71. –
    72. Bloodrise
    73. Milabrega’s Rod, Isenhart’s Case
    74. Razortine
    75. –
    76. –
    77. Iratha’s Coil, Blood Crescent
    78. Sureshrill Frost, Spirit Shroud
    79. Kelpie Snare
    80. Sureshrill Frost, Bloodrise
    81. Ghoulhide
    82. –
    83. Shaftstop
    84. Cliffkiller, Arctic Mitts
    85. Tancred’s Spine
    86. –
    87. –
    **. Nords Tenderizer
    89. –
    90. Cathans Visage
    91. –
    92. –
    93. Lava Gout (eth)
    94. –
    95. Serpent Lord, Cathan’s Seal
    96. –
    97. Eld Rune
    98. –
    99. Stormchaser
    100. -

    Is this a good set of runs. i'm pleased with it so thats all that matters i suppose. I was also amazed at the rate at which items dropped, there was a time when for 30 runs something dropped - even if most were bad uniques/sets. Towards the end it got a bit frustrating but all in all i was pretty happy :D
    Standouts for me were the The Oculus, Ravenfrost, Homunulus, Guardian Angel Hone Sundan, Shaftstop and Cliffkiller. Im sure there are others but those are the ones i was most glad to see.
  6. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    2-4 min seems too long, I know it gets longer, when you have to make notes, but 1 min killing meph seems too long. What Player settings do you use? Do you use static field? How much teleports do you need to get to entrance to lvl3?

    Good finds - it is strange that I haven't got Shaftstop and Homunculus in 3000+ runs, but you did in only 100.
    I would say that you were unlucky with elite items (only Nord's Tenderizer and Dangoon's Teaching?). I got Wizardspike or IK Maul every 40 runs or so, not counting other elites.
  7. bill_n_opus

    bill_n_opus IncGamers Member

    Apr 10, 2004
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    I was starting to think that your set of runs was alright ... but it's actually pretty darn good considering a few items.

    The shaft, occy, homun, ravenfrost, ribcracker, tiamats, hone sundan and kelpie are all really good finds. I must have played for months and months and never found a shaft or homun or kelpie.

    But the underrated find is the eth Battlebranch. That's an awesome starter polearm for your act2 normal merc to help you level through the game. He will kick butt with that weapon until you get to the next level which should be an an Ethereal Lance HONOR weapon at level 27ish depending on what you got strength/dex gear for him to meet requirements.

    Keep the runs and stats coming. The SPF loves this kinda stuff. Thanks for itemizing everything.
  8. maxgerin

    maxgerin IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    Occy will surely help you MF, that's a good thing that it dropped during your third run. :thumbsup:

    Yup, 2-4 minutes is very long for Meph. If I were you, don't identify which dropped during which run. Just tally how many runs you do and keep all the items that dropped in a separate ATMA stash. That way, you save time on identifying it and using pen-and-paper style of accounting for the drops. Just make a Flavie output of the stash after say 100 runs, or 500 runs. Then that's what you will post here afterwards. Just a suggestion. ;)

    Items you got were good, but nothing grand, considering that it's only 100 runs. Keep up the good work and jam as much +MF SCs you have as possible to further boost your returns. Good luck! And more Green and Gold for you! :thumbsup:

  9. Sir Lanksalot

    Sir Lanksalot IncGamers Member

    May 17, 2005
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    I was just guessing on the run time but i would say a min would be about right, i'm not a great person at guessing times tho so it could be less (or even more...)
    I dont use static field would this speed it up? and it is about 15 teleports to the lvl 3 entrance (again im guessing) i usually do it on players 3 as this is the maximum i can get without my merc dying too often.

    Thanks for all the advice about speeding up runs - im going to download flavie now - i'm posting this to inform others of my finds but mostly to learn how to do things more efficiently.
  10. Artagas

    Artagas IncGamers Member

    Apr 3, 2005
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    i often think that running on p3 for mf is not a good idea, unless your sorc is a serious damage house (so the time you spend fighting becomes neglectable compared to save/load id/sell time). The decrease in no drop chanche is very slight between p2-p3 if i recall correctly and the increase in hp is significant.
    And yeah, static is great vs bosses even on hell. especially if you are runnning with a merc you should have no problem casting it safely.
    do you usually open the chest behind mephisto's trone? I always do, but never find anything except a few blues and an occasinal useless rare.

    Only 2 green breast plates in 100 runs? wow, i get that many for every 5 runs
  11. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    Try to get a better map for Durance 2. From my experience you can get a very good one (just around the corner) quite soon (until 20 tries). I use map where I get to entrance to lvl3 with 4 teleports.

    There is no need to run him on higher Player settings than P3, the no drop chance is almost minimized at P3. It is almost quite high at P2, Artagas said, that it's better to kill him at P2 if you have difficulties to kill him. I agree totally.
    Also some Faster run/walk can help, because you have to run a long way in A3 Docks (or A4 Fortress).
    Some faster cast rate can make your teleporting noticably faster and marginally decrease the time of the run too.

    I am like a robot while doing the runs: teleporting to Meph, let the merc tank him, Blizzard, Static x3, Blizzard, Static x3 (He is now at half his life and Static Field is no longer effective), Blizzard, Ice Blastx3, Blizz, IBx3, Blizz, IBx3, Blizz, he is dead most of the time by now.
    Things get worse if he gets might enchanted by some boss (I have to give my merc some rejuvs), or he moves to the edge, where Blizzard is not so effective (more casting means that I have to drink a mana pot)

    I Do Meph runs with 565 MF, Players 3, estimated time 40 seconds.
  12. supermatt

    supermatt IncGamers Member

    Jun 22, 2003
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    good work Lanksalot. just a couple of observations:

    - Static Field is a must. you can get Meph to half life in no time then step back and Bliz away.

    - runs should take a minute or so imo. i haven't timed myself, but that's my guess as to my run time.

    - i think P1 is better that P3 cos in the long run you'll get more runs in.

    - don't bother with id. just write item type. most people here know all the items just from type anyway.

    - what is your gear set-up? are you using a Rhyme shield? i do most of my killing with Occy/PDiamond Lidless Wall and switch to Gull/Rhyme for the kill. this gives me 630%mf when meph goes down.

    :) matt
  13. ron

    ron IncGamers Member

    Sep 28, 2004
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    My meph runs are down to 40-45 seconds from taking the wp in act 4 until I step back through the red portal.

    I start in act 4, take the wp to durance 3. 5 Teleports gets me to the stairs. I teleport to the island by the red portal and cast a blizz. Meph walks into it and I teleport onto him and static. Then I step back and let my merc fight him while I finish with blizz. A quick weapon switch when he gets down to a sliver and I am ready to collect the loot and step back through the red portal.

    Finding a good routine that works for you is the most important thing. Do the same thing every time. I can do meph runs on autopilot.

    Good luck and nice finds so far. I am looking forward to seeing what else you manage to snag. Meph can be very generous. I don't know if its my map or what, but Meph is dropping awesome stuff lately. Stormshields, Arachnids, Ondals Staff, Skullders etc. :uhhuh:
  14. symeon

    symeon IncGamers Member

    Jul 28, 2003
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    I think it's an average set of runs, certainly not bad. You've even found one of my 25 remaining grailies! Here's some advice on how to bring your run times down (most already voiced):

    - Get a good Durance 2 map pronto! That is, waypoint and Durance 3 entrance being no more than 3 teleports away. Walking to the wall and 1 teleport is possible. Invest all the time required - it will pay instantly.

    - Learn how to teleport to Meph with 3 or 4 consecutive teleports as soon as you enter Durance 3.

    - Faster Run/Walk for the run in town.

    - If you don't follow the advice of sticking everything you find in an ATMA stash right away, then don't ID after a kill. Just pick up what you want, Save & Exit. ID on your way to Meph next game, then throw in stash.

    - Carry a Blade of Ali Baba if you have it, and a Rhyme shield on switch and switch to that just before Meph bites it.

    - Give your Merc that Hone Sundan. Go on! You'll notice a substantial speeding up of the process. Amn it as many times as he needs to stay alive, then Shael the rest of the sockets.

    - Play / Sing "My Serona" while running Meph. It helps.
  15. Kaptain_Insano

    Kaptain_Insano IncGamers Member

    Jul 17, 2004
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    I definately need to reroll my map lol. My runs take longer as I like to kill all the council members who are not CI. I think it has been worth it as I have found some nice items but it does prolong my runs substantially. I go no merc.

    Cheers K
  16. Mankey

    Mankey IncGamers Member

    Mar 31, 2005
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    Why would you amn the Hone Sundan? Mephy in hell is unleachable, unless you've got life tap active on him. I prefer an Upped kelpie (eth is always better) a slow mephy is not as dangerous to anyone.
  17. NeckRomancer

    NeckRomancer IncGamers Member

    Jun 23, 2003
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    If you think the walk in the Act 3 docks to the waypoint takes too long, try starting from Act 4 instead. When you kill meph and have picked up the items, enter the portal for the Pandemonium Fortress and quit the game. When you restart, you'll be in Act 4 and start near the Fortress waypoint. Going from there to Durance 2 is just as fast.
  18. GooberGrape

    GooberGrape IncGamers Member

    Jan 24, 2004
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    Last year, I did a huge project on Meph, and tabulated all the math.

    Without going into the algebra, you should get an elite unique every 25 runs, and after 1000 runs, you should move on to a bigger target for those TC87's.

    My 1000 Meph runs dropped me 30 elite uniques and an Ohm, so I can't complain.

  19. Hrus

    Hrus IncGamers Member

    Jul 6, 2003
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    This is my yesterday result from 100 P3 Meph runs:

    1. Kelpie snare
    2. Visceratuant, Withstan's Guard
    3. Ethereal Edge, Hawkmail, Goreshovel
    4. Berserker's Headgear, Cleglaw's Pincers, Bloodthief
    5. The Tannr Gorerod, Poison Nova Rainbow Facet (+4/-5)
    6. Wormskull, Iratha's Coil
    7. Vidala's Fetlock, Demon Limb
    8. --
    9. The Iron Jang Bong
    10. Eaglehorn
    11. Natalya's Soul
    12. Hwanin's Blessing, Angelic Sickle, Vidala's Barb
    13. Arctic Horn, Arctic Binding, Kinemil's Awl, Vile Husk
    14. Nightsmoke
    15. Dimoak's Hew, Steeldriver
    16. Skewer of Krinitz, Snakecord, Guillaume's Face, Verdungo's Hearty Cord
    17. Bloodthief
    18. Steelgoad
    19. Axe of Femchar
    20. --
    21. Venom Ward, Isenhart's Lightbrand
    22. Gimmershred
    23. Visceratuant, Mavina's Tenet
    24. Isenhart's Horns, Cleglaw's Pincers, Butcher's Pupil
    25. Guardian Naga
    26. Soul Harvest, Coldkill, IK Maul
    27. Wizendraw, Atma's Wail
    28. Trang-Oul's Claws
    29. Sigon's Shelter
    30. Hsaru's Iron Heel, The Patriarch
    31. Stormstrike
    32. --
    33. Bloodfist, Hawkmail
    34. (eth) Tarnhelm, The General's Tan Do Liga
    35. --
    36. Hwanin's Justice
    37. Magewrath
    38. Stormchaser
    39. Gorefoot
    40. --
    41. Vidala's Fetlock, The Lidless Wall
    42. --
    43. Arctic Horn, Isenhart's Lightbrand
    44. Venom Ward, Cliffkiller
    45. Cathan's Seal
    46. Goreshovel
    47. --
    48. --
    49. --
    50. --
    51. Isenhart's Lightbrand, Isenhart's Case
    52. --
    53. Milabrega's Rod
    54. Goldstrike Arch
    55. Kuko Shakaku
    56. Kinemil's Awl
    57. Dark Adherent
    58. Isenhart's Lightbrand, Tearhaunch
    59. Skewer of Krinitz, Stormrider
    60. Isenhart's Case
    61. Ondal's Wisdom
    62. --
    63. Sigon's Sabot, Husoldal Evo
    64. Ichorsting, Cathan's Seal
    65. Naj's Puzzler
    66. Milabrega's Orb, Bloodthief, Rockstopper
    67. The Jade Tan Do, Spectral Shard, Chance Guards (26%)
    68. --
    69. --
    70. Venom Ward, Hellcast
    71. --
    72. Bonesnap
    73. Milabrega's Rod
    74. Rockstopper
    75. Isenhart's Parry
    76. --
    77. The Impaler
    78. Toothraw
    79. Sander's Superstition
    80. --
    81. Skin of the Flayed One, Dangoon's Teaching
    82. --
    83. Bladebone, Bloodrise, Stoneraven, Laying of Hands
    84. Sazabi's Mental Sheath
    85. --
    86. Spirit Shroud, Razortine
    87. Jade Talon
    **. Cleglaw's Claw, Suicide Branch, Bloodletter
    89. Djinn Slayer, Maelstrom
    90. Vidala's Barb
    91. --
    92. Vidala's Barb
    93. IK Maul, Arioc's Needle (+2)
    94. Goreshovel, Kira's Guardian (63%)
    95. Angelic Sickle
    96. --
    97. Angelic Halo
    98. --
    99. Kinemil's Awl
    100. Kinemil's Awl

    SUM: 128 uniques/sets
    grailers for me: Eaglehorn, Poison Nova Facet, Verdungo's Hearty Cord, eth Tarnhelm for eth grail.
    still no Shaftstop, Arreat's, Homunculus, Mara's

    Runs were done with Pure Blizz sorc, 572 MF/628 MF on switch.
    The whole 100 runs were done in 2 hours.
    I do pick up rares only seldomly (when I don't pick-up anything else), this was one of the few I identified:

    Rune Brogues
    Demonhide Boots
    Defense: 29
    Durability: 10 of 12
    Required Strength: 20
    Required Level: 37
    Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
    Item Level: 87
    Fingerprint: 0x6db63008
    Fire Resist +20%
    Lightning Resist +28%
    Cold Resist +19%
    Adds 1-21 lightning damage
    20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
    20% Faster Run/Walk
  20. symeon

    symeon IncGamers Member

    Jul 28, 2003
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    My bad, I play 1.09 and momentarily forgot about Mephy's new tricks. I don't know the IAS breakpoints off-hand, but I doubt if a 3rd Shael helps.

    As for the Kelpie, it's survivability against kill speed. Hone Sundan really speeds up the process - but slowing Meph may be more beneficial if dying is an issue.

    @Hrus : Score, dude!

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