Hell Meph Running Gear


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Hell Meph Running Gear

What is the ideal gear to run Meph and stay alive? I get ripped up while playing my blizzard sorc b/c my res sucks and life isn't so hot. What gear gives me the res and life I need so I can get to and kill Meph in Hell?

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I have a meteorb sorc that pretty much owns hell meph. The equipment is as follows:
14 resist all occy
enigma dusk
um'ed shako
um'd ss
tals belt (for 20 dex)

max metoer
max fireball
max fire mastery
max cold orb
few pts into cold mast.

I kill meph very quickly. Around 3-4 metoers kills meph after I static him. With this build i usually just stand right next to meph and tank him. My resist in hell are like 50/75/75/25 (sumthing like that ). Also, an annihulus helps too.


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Wizz spike is probably my most important pice of eq. You get all the res you need and FCR enough to get a good telespeed. My blizzsorc setup is:

Shako PT
Skulders PT
Whistan PD (could be storm. probably should had been)
Ali+Rhyme on the switch
MF rings and Amu

the 70 fcr you get from wiz+ara is perfect for teleing safely all the way and thx to wiz you get good res. Other then that you dont need much. Max block is also important since the cold ball he casts is the really dangerous thing. While the lightnings can be damageing they dont kill you in 1-2 hits like the orb and using the moat trick you shouldnt ever take more then that while luring him to the right place and staticing him.

Its purely mephrunner though. Wouldnet hold its own very well elsewhere.


meteorb sorc's setup is

wizspike/umum mosers till durance3, switch to mf gear and moat bug him

easy enough, apart from actually finding durance3 :/


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shako topazed
skullders topazed
um'd ss with lidless on switch
occy with gull on switch
nagel / raven
war travs

and a crap load of mfscs, together I can muster out around 500 mf and still take a beating in case I screw up the moat trick and piss off the council members (it is brutal when hydras start popping up everywhere). If u are dying wayy to fast consider maxing out block 75% saves you from a good chunk of the monsters attacks