Hell Meph MF'er


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Hell Meph MF'er

I'm in the process of making a sorc that will run hell Meph for me when she's done. She's going to be a pure orb that will max telekinesis as synergy for ES. I was just wondering the life/mana ratio I should aim for this build.


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I think it depends on exactly what %damage your EShield will absorb with +skills factored in. Regardless, for just about any Sorc build (and any HC build for that matter) your priority is to have as much life as possible... then try to get your mana as close to that number as possible without going over (to avoid blood mana) and without sacrificing life, +skills, resists, etc.

Of course if you're just running Meph you could always go for an all-energy no-vit build, but I wouldn't recommend it.


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I have a Pure Cold sorcy myself similar build as your thinking of.

including some 3-4 life sc's 1x-20, 1x-18, 2x-17

My HP is around 960 and mana is around ~820-860


P-tpz Shako
4-soc Ptpz Gothic Plate
Tal's Belt + Tal's Ammy
Wizzy and 2x P-dia Mosers (main wep)
2x Isted Ali and 2x Pdia Mosers ( Switch )
Rare Boots w/ RW + some rez + 22 MF
Rings : Raven and Dwarf

MF ~ 270 ( ~ 330 on switch )

Merc - A2 Defiance ( Norm )

Shael'ed Toll's
Blackhorns w/ 15 IAS/7 Max Dmg Jewel
Gladbane prob gonna put a 15 IAS when I get a socket Q open somewhere.

Have fun w/ your build.

Hint... Beware of DOLLS and MB ( mana burn ) - and have plenty of full juvs.


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My mephsorc has 600life and 800 mana, ES an telekinesis are both at lvl24. very rarely meph touches her live and when he does its mostly poison dmg. I have 2 rows of rejuv's and 2 mana. Every 4 to 5 runs i use a rejuv, the rest of the time i use manapotions. She's doing very well running meph.


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thanks for the tips and feedback guys. hopefully my sorc will be able to be at least half as successful as yours :p