Hell Meph Issues


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Hell Meph Issues

Heya Folks!

I seem to be having trouble with my first character ever to make it up to Hell Meph and I was hoping someone could help me out. Some advice. =)

Here is my problem. I CAN kill Meph, but usually I will die once and my merc dies incredibly fast. Im sure that it is mainly an equipment issue, but Id like some input. I perfected the NM Meph run and tried the same technique in Hell and got annihilated. Many times. =/

Now, my character is a Meteorb. She is lvl 73, as is her HF merc. Currently I have my merc equipped with a Rockstopper, Kelpie Snare, and Glorious Embossed Plate with 642 defense. Now, I know the armor sucks, but Im struggling to find something good. Im looking in my ATMA and have the following Armor Set/Uniques that I can dump on him:

Boneflesh, Rockfleece, Sparking Mail, Twitchthroe, Venom Ward, Angelic Mantle, Arcannas Flesh, Arctic Furs, Berserkers Hauberk, Cathans Mesh, Isenharts Case, Sigons Shelter, Tancreds Spine, and Haemosu's Adament.

Now obviously Im hurting for gear... A quick swap out of the Haemosus(which is the only thing worthwhile in that list next to the VW I guess) will help a tad, but not much at all and I think I would still have many issues.

Now, a bit about my Sorc so you can see the crap Im wearing. =)

She is lvl 73 with the following skills:

Max Meteor, Max FO, 14 Fireball, 14 Cold Mastery, 1 Fire Mastery, Prereqs and 1 Teleport/Static.

She is wearing...(dont laugh =P):

Peasant Crown, Tearhaunch, Silks of the Victor, Rhyme Grim Shield, String of Ears, +91 mana Ring, +121 mana/21 mf ring, 1 to cold skills/21 mf amulet, +12 mana/25 fire resist/22 poison resist rare Bramble Mitts, +19 energy/+18 mana/+2 sorc skills/20 fcr Jareds Stone.

When I MF, I have Rare 25 mf Boots, 3 pt Helm and 4 pt Embossed that I wear. I cant even think of wearing that MF gear on Hell meph right now though cause I die in one hit.

However, all that being said about MY crappy gear, Im more worried about my merc since if he can live, I can destroy Meph with my FO. It hurts Meph badly, but I cant get more then 3 off before he drops my merc and then Im just in run mode. My resists are terrible and I die fast to his Lightning.

So, what would you do in my situation? I can always do more NM meph runs I suppose, but what kind of things am I looking for? Any help here would be great. Thanks folks!



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Really? The real problem should always be getting to meph, not meph himself.

On a 800*600 resolution, you can always do that moat trick, which makes you him unable to hit you while you pound him with meteor. (I might even say that if you're going to do a bunch of hell meph runs, ditch the merc - he just attracts a bunch of council members/monsters nearby.)

Oh, and more levels can't hurt. Get to 75 first from NM baal runs, then lvl up to the 80s in hell.


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lvl 73 is really way to low to do hell meph runs, I would do some nightmare baal runs, that should get a few more lvls. Normally characters that I play would be atleast lvl 80 ish by that time.

Most of or all the gear you'll ever need can come from nm meph, or nm baal too. So I wouldn't hurry to do hell meph.


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Level up some more, it will also help your merc. Maybe someday we'll have a drink in the bluemoon.


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As has already been mentioned, your level is much too low. Most people get to lvl 75 doing NM baal runs before even starting Act 1 Hell. Also, maybe by doing these runs you can get some better gear.

Good luck!



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Yep, looking at your gear I'd say go run NM Meph for quite a while. He can drop Shaftstop which will help with your merc's survivability along with many other useful items for yourself, occulus not being the least amongst them. From my experience with a meteorb that is level 91 I think my merc will still die about 1/20 of the time. I find Meph to be the hardest on your merc out of all the bosses (w/ possible exception of Diablo) but if you can equip him with rockstopper and shaftstop he will hang about a lot longer. Lvl 73 is too low a level for where you are really. NM Meph and NM Baal should be your friends for a while. Good luck!



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Without looking at or remembering Kelpie Snare right offhand, it doesn't look like your merc has any life leech, unless there's some on there I'm forgetting. That will kill him in an awful hurry. The leech on the act bosses is cut dramatically but even a little is better than none at all. But yes, at that level and that gear, I agree you should go back to NM Baal and level/mf there some more. I didn't ask for the type of merc, as my sorc's is a holy freeze merc which is probably the most useless of the lot against act bosses.


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necrolemming said:
If it's just for meph, LL is useless - Meph is unleechable.
a wand with charges of life tap could fill that void(i used one in my earlier meph runs)


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Your gear is actually quite good. I wear 2 SoJ's, and I would seriously consider taking one off for that mana/mf ring....just, wow.

Having played my sorc and mf'ed my way up from an empty stash, I would also recommend NM Meph runs, lots of them. I'm talking 500 at least. That will help you more than you can imagine.

Your merc needs crushing blow so that kelpie can work its magic. Guillaume's Face is awesome for that, and easy to find on, you guessed it, NM Meph.



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You could also try lower resist charges; that might speed up your run just enough for you to kill him before he kills your merc. Usually what I do is:
1. As soon as i see him, i use a charge of lower resist.
2. Go near him and wait for him to go after my merc.
3. Cast a meteor right on top of my merc, and static until half life.
4. By now the meteor should have hit, so back out a few steps and do fo,fb,fb,fo,fb,fb until he drops.

Be careful of the things that come out of the ground and hit you; they have killed me as least once.

Also, a few extra levels won't hurt. And try to improve as least the resists of your merc.


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let your merc die, dont resurrect him. search on the "moat trick"... run him with the moat trick... maybe even some charms for lightning resists... if you still die then i suggest what the others did run nm andy meph and baal (baal for the level, meph and andy for equip)... in short time you should have the levels and equipment you need to easily run meph.

btw, i have a lvl 87 hf merc that still dies to meph way too fast and often to even worry about resurrecting him


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At least try on a wizardspike (+75 resists!!). If you don't have one, I'm sure there's someone who's willing to give one away.


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I'm surprised no one has suggested it yet, but if this is your first MF character, hith NM Meph hard. He dies easily, and drops uniques at a very high rate - many of which can be very useful (including a lot of MF kit like Skullder's, War Travs, Chancies, etc). Thats where I started, and it went a long way to advancing my D2 career.


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Thadar said:
However, all that being said about MY crappy gear, Im more worried about my merc since if he can live, I can destroy Meph with my FO. It hurts Meph badly, but I cant get more then 3 off before he drops my merc and then Im just in run mode. My resists are terrible and I die fast to his Lightning.
Use teleport so your merc get's the time to actually heal from the healing potions you should give him.

Use Static between the first few FO's to kill memph faster.

Level up a bit more, Hell pit's or NM Baal could be nice for this.



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My merc didn't die since he had Shaftstop, rockstopper and Kelpie and was lvl 85. He needs more damage reduced items. If you don't have them, it's probably better to not have a merc hired and use a moat-trick for some time.


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If you dont find it cheesy, use moat trick. Look for some high resist gear like a wizardspike and a ward or better a moser with 2 pdiamonds. That will put your resists in 70+ all, leaving all the other slots of gear for mf. And you will notice the difference.

Your merc is too way low level. Even with shaft, gaze, kelpie or whatever he will be hit too often from Meph. once he is 85+, he will survive better and better.

Hitting nm is a bit tedious but its ok if you dont want to use moat trick. Thats what I usually do when playing a HC sorc.


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Boy, it takes me to come up and offer original ideas in this thread. What's with all you slackers?

- Moat trick
- lose the merc (temporarily - if you're using Moat trick, plus Meph is unleechable)
- NM Meph will garner you some good items.
- Do some NM Baal runs for items and XP and aim for Hell ~ 80ish or so.
- Do some Hell Pit runs on whatever player level you are comfortable with. You may get lucky and hit some elite items. Players8 is doable with good gear and your merc has to be relatively tough.
- Don't forget to use Static Field!!! That's like half of your battle in Hell ... of course, unless they are LI.


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Some cheap ideas to help.

For your Merc socket an Amn rune in the Kelpie Snare (some might call it a waste to use a socket quest on a merc item) but its something that can be used over again by your mid -level act 2 mercs. It is also not a bad item to use vs hell Ancients and stops hell Baal in his tracks.

Another idea is make runeword Strength in an exceptional or elite polearm or spear (Amn and Tir) gives your Merc decent damage, life steal and CB. I just made one in a lance (so its useable from level 25 - although your merc won't have the stats for it at that level) and its very good as a cheap Merc mid range weapon. if you use an elite weapon watch the stat requirements - no use making it if it can't be used!

Consider Nef and Lum in a two socket armour for your Merc as well - stick it in a Dusk Shroud and lots of characters can find it useful as well (both my trapper and Enchatress both wore it as end game armour). Have to say Shaftstop is better but until you find one its a solid choice and reusable.

The Pts is a good place to look for socketables.

Good luck.