Hell Diablo Run worthwhile???


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Hell Diablo Run worthwhile???

My lvl 84 Hammerdin get really bored with treasureless pit runs (damn my luck) so i started some diablo runs. I did a few solo, its easy but takes a few minutes. The best ive found were Alibaba, occy, trang belt and a nat helm so about 8 runs. However with the exception of Alibaba, everything else was dropped by minions. So is diablo runs actually good?? I know the Alvl is 85, but what about diablo?? Can he drop goodies like Sacred Armor or Hydra bow??

Thx in advance for answering and i bet a lot of ppl are trying to find info about diablo in hell

- Slayaboxer a.k.a Dsf_huntress


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Trang belt wasn't so bad =). Be happy that you have an efficient hammerdin runner at the least heh.

Anyways, I checked d2data.net and for hell diablo his highest weapon tc drop would be 84, and unfortunately Windforce is 87. His highest armor drop tc is also 84, and the unique sacred armors (tyrael's might :worship: and templar's might :sleep: jk jk its still rare) are both 87's like wf.

For an interesting fact, pindle has about a .5 % chance of dropping a tc87 item, while baal has about a .08-.095 chance. Personally I always assumed Baal had a higher chance, but I guess one of the advantages of baal runs over pindle is that baal drops more items on average than pindle, which = possibility for multiple unique/set items.


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Seems like diablo runs would take longer than say meph and pindle and all them, but maybe not as boring and repetitive.

Im curious what your magic find is.


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I've also heard that diablo runs can be good for runes and misc items like charms. The number of monsters in the sanctuary is high, and I think I heard somewhere that ghosts (and some other monsters in hell) have a slightly higher rune drop rate than most monsters in hell. If your hammerdin tears right through groups of monsters in diablo runs, hope for great charms / jewels / runes too =).


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I have done my fair share of diablo runs and latley i have found perf mf griz helm, crown of ages, and vipermagi. This is in about 10 runs. I also found some low runes such as io hel and sheal. I actually enjoy diablo to meph and pit but this is my opinion :D

Ive done about the same 10 baal runs and have found diddly squat.My char is a lf zon with charged strike which pwns hell diablo even at players 5, and since hammerdins are possibly the best pvm char out there if played right youre runs should be at half or quarter what mine take me to do..thus more goodies:D


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I have a skellmancer enigma necro and i can say this.
If you play leggit he is one of the best dropper in the game .
This is why.
1 the map dont chance (meph)
2 his tc is high to get most of the items in the game
3 he dies relative easy with curse over his head
4 he drops a lot of items (more than pindle,shenk,eldrich)
5 You got in the same package 3 superuniques too and dont forget the chaos is a l85 area
So diablo IMHO is better than baal (easier,faster,standard map)
better than pindle,shenk,eldrich (more drops same time +3 superuniques)
much better than meph (try to find the stairs without tp and a maphack)



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Anyways, I checked d2data.net and for hell diablo his highest weapon tc drop would be 84
I thought that in 1.10, the treasure class was downgraded so that any monster that has a TC of 84 can drop any item in the game?


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Shug_Ninx said:
I thought that in 1.10, the treasure class was downgraded so that any monster that has a TC of 84 can drop any item in the game?
TC is downgraded from 90 to 87, but even though a monster has TC87 it doesnt mean it can drop all items in that TC, since the monsters lvl (Mlvl) has got to be high enough to meet the Qlvl of the item too..

ex. Pindle can drop from TC87, but he cannot drop Tyraels Might, Azurewrath, Aracnid, due to these items being Qlvl87 and Pindles Mlvl is only 86


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i don't do cs runs just to get good drops from diablo...the whole area can drop everything...casue its a lvl 85 area....got wf one day....sure diablo can drop some goodies like soj,maras etc.

and for my bh pala lvl 95 its a peace of cake nad he get xp to...not much but still some xp per run...i did baal before but cs is easier imo, no vipers (and i don't got enigma so) and no sould,,,even thou teh souls aren't that hard the viper are (often with might,fana,holy freeze) makes them thought since the have no casting delay on their charge.....they can kill my pala....


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Diablo runs are great for casters, esp hammerdins and wind druids, and is my favorite MF run.

-- consistent layout, so doesn't take nearly so long as Baal runs (I don't have enigma)
-- plenty of cold and fire immunes, but the only PIs are bosses so you can kill everything pretty quickly
-- CS is a top lvl 85 dropping area with a bunch of boss packs, 3 super uniques (they drop me almost pure rares every time) and big D. D cannot drop everything, but the boss packs can, I believe. Case in point, I have found 2x Green Sacred Armors from boss OKs.
-- Diablo dies much faster than Baal to my wind druid, and no annoying cold knockback.
-- There is nothing cooler in the game than the ground shaking and hearing that deep voice "Not even Death can save you from me"
-- There is only one thing cooler than Diablo's death animation (see above)

and finally:

-- I get great satisfaction giving payback for all the melee character deaths I have ever had in the CS


So did we ever get it decided?

What can Diablo NOT drop....who has a definite answer on this question?

I love doing diablo runs with my hammerdin, something to do when sorc is tired of runnign meph or andy.


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I'm also doing diablo runs sometimes.
I'm level 90 hammerdin.
Only 1 bad thing no one have mentionned yet. This is about the only place in the game where i know my mercenary will probably die... While he dont even get scratch in front of mephisto, in the pits and not much in worldstones.

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I would recommend doing dia runs. Although they are time consuming I would say they are worth it.

The TC of that area is very high so you can even find decent stuff on your way to diablo. In addition, the experience gained doing dia runs is nice.


-Backdoor Bandit


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Let's put it this way. River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary are both Level 85 areas. Any item in the game can drop there save one (Annihilus). Monster density is also nice.

Basically, it's a Baal run that has basically the same map configuration every time and where you know what monsters will always spawn. Plus, no Gloam creatures is a definite plus.