hell cows/mode viable? new build i think...


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hell cows/mode viable? new build i think...

hi, i'm a noob and a build i've been thinking of is a multi shot zon with elemental auras. basically, i'm just trying to do pvm in a new fun way on hell cows or any hell dificulty. i have some of the equipment that i think i'd use and the rest are with my frds that i can ask for. do you guys think that this build with the auras from equipments dream, dragon, and ice would be good or would work at all with multi shot? would the elemental damages stack? oya.. the ice mod says that it ignores target def so should i get dex? what does ignore target's defense mean? oya it has a 22% chance to cast frost nova on striking... does that work with multi shot? i think if it works, this build would be good for all places in hell because of the multiple aura damages that can go against different monsters. below are the things that it'd have

dream helm
dragon armor
draculs grasp gloves
highlords ammy
the runeword ice with a good bow
gore riders
mavs belt
and rings that add to attack speed or something useful

skills: (all are prerequiste unless they're maxed)
1 magic arrow
20 multiple shot
1 inner sight
1 dodge
1 evade
1 slow missles
1 avoid
1 decoy
20 valk?
1 crit strike
20 penetration
20 pierce

merc: act 2 offensive merc for might aura
equipment: i have no idea... infinity for elemental dmg boost due to conviction? another dream helm or dragon armor for even more elemental dmg from merc???

PS: i have no idea how much dex i should get... how much do most bowzons get?

Lord Nyax

My $0.02: It'll look pretty, but it won't work that well. One Dragon piece is...basically nothing. Level 20 Paladins hit higher damage than that using Holy Fire. Ice, as always, is a nice bow. Dreams are cool too, but nothing to write home about. I think you'll almost always be better off going with one strong Element rather than 3 weaker ones. Ice Maidens can be very effective, and Ice is a great bow for them. Try it out alone maybe?


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ICE bow is all you need, with fast strafe and high piercing, you will practically send entire screens of cows into the blue blue cold.