Hell Countess


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Hell Countess

Hi there,

I'm sorry if this is found in another thread, but I couldn't find it.

I understand that the Hell mode countess is capable of dropping up to Lo runes.

Then how come 90% of the time, I get either El or Eld runes? Seriously, I've run nearly 100 times, and in nearly all games, she drops just El or Eld. It is a rare find indeed for me to get a Ral or Eth rune.

Am I doing something wrong? If I wanted those runes, I'd be doing nightmare mode.


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It's all based on the % chance of each rune dropping. Unlike the hell forge where each rune has a equal 1/11 chance of dropping, when a rune drops from the countess it's based on it's rarity. So as el is the most common rune it drops the most often, then eld, then tir, etc. As Lo has the lowest chance of dropping you will have to do thousands of runs for even a slight chance of finding it. I'm not 100% on the stats but someone else might be able to help with that.

You should have gotten some mid range runes from 100 runs such as Ral, Amn, Shael so just put it down to luck and keep trying. If you really only want those runes and are not going for higher (pul+) you might as well run Hell Meph and trade uniques for them.


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As rg_22uk (was Steve was taken???) said rune drops depend on rarity and since high runes are very rare you get lots of crappy ones. The Countess does however have a special rune drop that enables her to drop runes more often than other monsters...this special rune drop can only drop up to Ist...the Countess' normal drops can still drop up to Lo, but the odds of getting higher than Ist isn't greater than with other monsters. In other words, for realy high runes...Countess isn't the place. For mid-level runes like Shael/Lum/Pul she is probably the best, and she has a very good chance of dropping Ist.


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For ease of explaination look at 'capable' as being roughly equal to me being 'capable' of winning the Lottery by buying one ticket in my lifetime.


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You should download ATMA and check out the drop calculator. Just because a monster "can" drop something doesn't mean that it will drop when you are playing the game. I'd like to expect to get a Tyrael's Might to drop while running Hell Pit everytime I kill a unique ... but it doesn't happen.

That's because some items are rare. Yes, rare.

Hell Countess' special rune drop goes up to Ist although she can drop up to a Lo.

Running Countess on players 1 (to max a rune drop) her chance of dropping an Ist rune is 1:1109.

So, on average you (may) see an Ist rune once every 1120 runs or so.

Do another 1000 runs and then complain that you didn't get your Ist and by then we'd be sympathetic since the odds begin to beat you instead of the other way around.

Or buy an Ist off Ebay or trade for them on Bnet.

Am I doing something wrong? If I wanted those runes, I'd be doing nightmare mode.
Yep, you're not killing her enough.

You're doing Hell Countess runs because you're hoping she will drop an Ist.

If you did Nightmare mode you'd have no chance of getting Countess to drop an Ist. Furthest she drops in NM is Ko and it's one every ~ 15000 kills. How do you like them stats?

Hell Countess will drop a Ko rune once every 160 kills. Do you like 1:160 or 1:15000? You'd get an Ist from Hell Countess 15 times quicker than a Ko rune in NM. Your odds for Els and Elds are roughly the same.

So, if you can kill Hell Countess on players 1 quickly (pretty much anyone can but best would probably be a sorc or an Enigma character) then you'd be much better off with Hell Countess right?