Hell Council Gold Drop


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Hell Council Gold Drop

I see alot of taking about goldfind barb. I see that some uses a merc for the killing and some kill the council by themselves. The build that uses the merc for the kill obviously has the best goldfind due to 2 x lem swords, wealt on merc and crown of thieves on merc. That's 1350% more gf than non-merc-goldfinders (if the cot is perfekt socketed with a lem rune). But perhaps one would think it's more fun killing the council themselves.

It may be hard to choose which build to start, perhaps it's because people (including myself) don't know what an avarage hell council gold drop is without any goldfind. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who would like to know this.

Btw if I had any character who could kill the hell council I would examin this myself. But unfortunately I don't have this.

Noob question: Does goldfind help FI?


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solo hell high council run with barb/merc using lev 12 FI skill (from items) no goldfind. they dropped a total of 15,308 GOLD :shocked:

a good goldfind barb can get +100k piles of gold and runs of 500k to 1500k