hell assassin


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hell assassin

i wanna make an assassin that can go through hell with max resist =) theres like so many guides i dont know which to choose from. which do you guys prefer?


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i have a trapsin assasin and i can kill anything in the game alone... so the trapsin would be a good one to start with


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hostileisaf said:
i have a trapsin assasin and i can kill anything in the game alone... so the trapsin would be a good one to start with
Maybe you should state your gear and such to help the guy out.


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Trap assassins usually has the easiest time to get max resist because they have the flexibility to either use Burst of Speed or Fade. You also have the option to wear the Natalya set since it gives loads of resistance and you could also socket the armor with resistance runes which could boost your resistance further. The only problem with using the Natalya set for a trapper is that you don't put the set to full use (it has 30% damage reduction and 14% dual leech), but aside from that, it's not a bad choice.


yea i agree that trappers are the easiest build of assassin , but i must admit they are very efficient and good at PvP.

i have recently made a Trapsin on the europe ladder , and she seems to be working good. i am lv 82 and recently i killed a lv 92 javason.

my equiptment i am using is

Shako - umed
Skin of vipermagi Upped
raven frost
trang gloves
spirit shield
+3 trap amulet

also i have maxxed my inventory with +1 trap skillers , i do around 10 k damage.

if you have the money or good enough equiptment up for trade then i suggest that an enigma wouldnt go a miss. then instead of burst of speed you can use fade. my resistances are all over 75.

enigma will be good against barbs and palas mostly to get out of the way of WW BARBS and Hammerdins.

Hope i have bin a help to you



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Max fireblast then lightning sentry and its synergies. 1 point into mind blast and burst of speed/fade. This build should be able to take on most enemies in hell while a merc can kill lightning and fire immune creatures.


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Arasik said:
wat do you mean by that exactly?

what trap kind or what equip kind?
im not familar with the trap assassin, so just shoot something at me and i will experiment making one.

whats some good equipment to get through hell