Heaven's Brethren and Naj's Ancient Vestige


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Heaven's Brethren and Naj's Ancient Vestige

Is there a point to this two sets? Heaven's Brethren sucks for a melee char cuz of the useless mace, while it's also useless for a caster 'cos of the shield's high STR. It sucks for a high lvl character, but low lvl characters can't use it 'cos it has the shield at lvl 81 req. All round uselessness?

Naj's though can be pressed into service as a melee set I suppose, and the armour is quite decent, though the whole set again, doesn't seem to have a point.

Can anyone think of a creative way to use these 2 sets?

p/s: don't get me started on Sander's folly. It's called FOLLY for a very good reason.


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naj's perhaps for a melee sorceress
heavens for just looking nice ;)
its the nicest looking set in the game imo


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Both sets have worthless partial bonuses, too - nothing on the individual pieces, and nothing to get excited about on the set.

I suppose a Sorceress or other caster might want to use Naj's full set, if they had it, though. +3 to all skills, +75 to all resists, +65 life, +170 mana, +35 energy, +35 strength, +15 dex.. that seems alright for just armor, helmet and weapon slots. And the requirements are very low. But you need to get over the pain of using a two-handed staff rather than an orb & shield. :)


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Quite a number of the sets are useless.
Just wonder if Blizzard will modify or delete them so we can have better mf efficiency


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I was trying to come up with something for Heaven's Brethren, but kept getting stuck on that shield - level 81 level req and 185 Strength that just sucks all over the place.