[HCL West] Mature Player's Cooperative


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[HCL West] Mature Player's Cooperative

Fellow players,

I am starting a Player's Cooperative on the West Hardcore Ladder, preferably for mature players. The basic reason for this is that there are few trustworthy HCL players on West (few HCL players in general) and I'm sick and tired of playing solo. If you feel the same way, then join our group! Here are the rules:

1. The team will play as a team, for the team. Period. This means that drops will be equitably distributed to the characters that need them the most. If no characters need them, then it goes to the merc that needs it the most (if it is possible for a merc to equip it). Failing this, then the drop will go to a rotating player (i.e., I get this elite unique drop, you get that elite unique, player x gets the next one, etc.). There will be three individual rotating lists for normal, exceptional, and elite items. If the person due to receive one doesn't want theirs, it will go to whoever wants it / can use it on another character.
Note: we don't have to be this strict about drops, I'm hoping people can just share, but this is spelled out here just in case there are conflicts.

2. The team will always play as a team. This means no playing solo at all, ever. If a team member plays away from the group and gets more levels/wps/quests than the entire team has, then he/she will have to sit out until the team has caught up to where they're at. In addition, sanctions might be imposed on that team member, since they are creating extra trouble for the group in that we might have to play short-handed, or go back and complete some quests for that person if we pass them up in quests while they are not playing. Basically, don't play on your own. The group will be designed to complement each other, so we should be perfectly safe as long as we stick together.

3. Twinking is very much allowed, and encouraged. My view on this is that if you have good items, use 'em. Hardcore is hard, and ladder makes it even harder. We need all the help we can get... but on a side note, if you have gear that's not tremendously valuable, please share the wealth. I'm guessing people will do this anyway, but it doesn't hurt to point this out.

4. All players will start from level one and play together (see #2). Max damage/so-called "overpowered"/cookie-cutter builds are encouraged. Essentially the team can be composed of characters that could never make it alone, but can fill a niche that other characters lack. I.E., a pure physical damage barb, a pure fire sorc, a pure lit trapsin, etc. If you want killing power in your character, but the inability to deal with some immunes, this is the place for you!

5. The team will play from 7-10 Mountain Time (+10 minutes) every Saturday. This means that we will wait up to 10 minutes for people that are late, but no more than that. If you're later than 10 minutes, don't expect to play. I had to put this in, because frequently I've been part of groups where half the players don't show up at the right time, either because they forgot, or the meeting time was not generally agreed upon by all the participants.

6. The team will play to finish the game in all three difficulty levels. By this I mean, we will do all quests and acquire all waypoints in order, including the secret cow level. Hence, in act 5, we will rescue anya, get all the waypoints up to the hall of the dead, then get that wp while doing the Nihilathak quest.

7. No cursing or abuse of other players will be allowed, period. If this is observed in the game or in chat, you will be out of the group.

Whew. I admire your patience in reading through all of this. Although the "rules" I put above may seem very strict, they are really just common courtesy when playing in a large group, and I hope you can view them that way. This posting may seem like I'm starting a clan, but that isn't the case. This group is just for people who have a large amount of experience playing online, are mature and respectful of other players, and want to have a good time with other like-minded people. Playing times will start at once a week, and can be increased in frequency if everyone votes for it. Thus, before anyone leaves the first game, the group will decide on a time to meet again. Anyone can leave the group at any time, if that is their desire, but if they do, to re-enter again they must be the same level (or within 2) of everyone's level in the group. Besides, playing solo with the kind of builds I'm thinking of would be virtual suicide in hell difficulty.

I will post the channel name for people to meet in sometime before Saturday. Watch this thread until then... and post below with what kind of build you're considering. I'm looking for seven other players. If there are more that are interested, one of you should start a new thread and collect more players there. Above all, play to have fun, put the hurt on those monsters, and help each other out!


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Since there's not much interest, I'm going to postpone the gathering for this weekend. Next meeting will be March 20 at 7 pm Mountain Time in the channel "Op super5". Hope to see you there...


I'm willing to join up


i'm usually on *reddusk, *greendawn (softcore and scl accounts)
or *yellownoon (hcl account)

however it is very unlikely that i'll be on until this weekend as its finals week.


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Ok meeting is on for tomorrow... post your char/build and we'll see if they complement each other... if not, we could probably change. I'll be a pure fire sorc unless someone else wants the job. This char is useless through most of nm and pretty much all of hell, so we'll see how it works in a group.


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Remember me? The person you were referring to with the 'group members not all there' statement? ;)

Anyways, I'll be glad to join up if positions are still open.


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Wait is it still open, this is april 13th now, and I would like to join your playing group, just one question though, do you guys often play on weekdays? Since I can only mainly play fridays and weekends.