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HCL Trappers vs LIs, 3 options?

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by Socialism, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. Socialism

    Socialism IncGamers Member

    Dec 18, 2005
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    HCL Trappers vs LIs, 3 options?

    Hi, staple build question that I've not found directly addressed via stickies/guides; am SURE people have some experience with this, just banking on empirical knowledge!

    Q: In your experience, how does option 1 stack up vs. option 2 vs. option 3?

    The plan is to run, untwinked hardcore, to guardian. No MFing and/or l33t gear; hopefully no dying.

    Option 1: Lower resist wand-using pure lightning trapper
    20 SW / CBS / LS / DS

    LI Theory: Run around lower resisting LIs, draw hard LIs towards corpses, then DS. Hefty 10 x 11 bolt CBS vs. bosses.

    Analysis: I'm pretty lazy. This sounds pretty cool. Just let traps do all the work. Drawbacks? No additional damage between trap spams.

    Option 2: Fire Blaster (hell, with a lower resist wand on switch too)
    20 FB / CBS / LS / DS

    LI Theory: While mercenary and SM tank with CoS, LR then toss FBs into the center of LI groups, then DS. CBS or LS vs. bosses, peppering with FB all throughout.

    Analysis: Looks pretty decent on paper (notepad.exe?). Probably has higher overall damage output over time than option 1. Drawbacks: requires FB leading and cuts out a LS synergy. 10 x 5 bolt CBS vs bosses; prolly better to stick to LS. Relegates CBS to uselessness/straight synergy provision?

    Option 3: Blade fury + crushing blow + Treachery
    20 SW / CBS / LS / DS

    LI Theory: While SM and mercenary tank under a CoS, have a crushing blow weapon on switch using Blade Fury and Venom (Treachery has 25% CTC lev 15 Venom on striking... this works, right?), then DS. Boss killing is same as option 1.

    Analysis: Looks pretty slick, will help out earlier levels mondo. Would seem to be a more accurate/consistent distributor of damage than FB; significantly less "leading" tactics required. Applies crushing blow (assuming I'm using a "Black" flail... this is untwinked). Big-hp single-monster killing theoretically much faster. Drawbacks: probably has less overall damage sans an LR wand; less damage to groups than option 2.

    Thanks for your input in advance, peace and love.

  2. order

    order IncGamers Member

    Jan 3, 2006
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    charges can get expensive to repair.

    a kicker/ trap hybrid with cb might be a nice option as well. for pvm i think option 3 would work best in my opinion. probably a lot cheaper to make as well.

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