HCL Friends


HCL Friends

I'm just starting HCCL for the first time. I'm making a pure blizz sorc to grush friends that play hcxl, and to mf nm andy. My sorc is level 12 atm, and i'm looking for friends. I've stopped by a few hccl channels like op hccl and op tofc. Not many people seemed to be helpful, infact more people seemed to be dicks then anything else. I don't expect anything different though considering it is bnet.
My account is *Banana-Cruel so please hit me up if you ever want to game.


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I wouldn't reccommend MFing NM Andy. In Classic, she cannot drop SoJs (although she can drop decent uni/sets) and you won't get the best returns from MFing her. Try MFing her in Hell, or do Meph/Diablo in Nightmare mode. I, personnally, have never found anything great off of Nightmare Andy, besides maybe a full Irats set after about 150 runs :undecided:

I pretty much just started HCCL East too, so if I see you I'll give you a shout.