HC venture: Keeper of Arreat


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HC venture: Keeper of Arreat

Well, I've decided to dabble (again) into Hardcore Mode. The prize I seek is the coveted title of Guardian. My name etched into a plaque, my name sung in epic ballads, seated atop Mount Arreat, protecting all who stand before me, and defeating all those who seek to best me... I am a God...

Anyways, enough of that stuff, onto the juicy bits.

As you can see, I'm taking my first (well second, my first attempt was somewhat half-***ed) steps into Hardcore, and I want to do it with a Barbarian. I could take what I see as the sissy way out, and make a weapon/shield combo barbarian, with sol runes all over the place for damage reduction, go for high defence, and use a defiance mercenary. I'm too headstrong for that. I want to be an all-powerful god who crushes all before him.

Key points:

I'll be using polearms, because they look somewhat more distinguished and elegant, than say, a big hammer. And their range is nice too.

I'll be going without a merecenary. What good is a god if he needs the help of a pitiful human?

And I'll be using Berzerk. yes Berzerk, which makes you vulnerable to everything. Berzerk is power. God-like power. You can't be killed by something that is dead... can you? (undead doesn't count)

Sorry if any of that sounds rude, or too invasive. I just wanted to set the scene for you, telling you about a Barbarian who dreams of immortality. Given the conditions I've set for myself, is this plausible?

I've got some serious trading to do, as I've only got a few Hardcore items (I had a magic find sorceress who was doing well, until nightmare Nilhithak owned her with corpse-go-boom. Grrr.

I've read through the stickied stuff in the Hardcore Forum. But as with a lot of bnet things, they say you need enigmaAP, egriefz, edeathz, seriously what the **** are they on about? Sorry about the rant. I decided to post this here, because people here speak english (apart from the more common D2 acronyms.) they understand that I won't necessarily have access to good gear. And they tell me of experiences they've had actually playing the game, rather than being rushed, and then doing PvP.

Once again, advice is welcome. Has anybody done a SP HC Berzerker before? (apart from nightfish, that is...)


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Some time ago, Andidi did an untwinked Berserk Guardin, you can look here

Just some points about such a warrior:

You might consider taking a mercenary, you could need the extra help (at least, tank abilities) unless you make a proper use of taunt, howl, grim ward, battle cry and even warcry (and you will gain lots of style points for doing this alone!).

Berserk means 0 defense, 0. Not even dex points or iron skin or shout will provide something, so it means anything (well, almost anything, you still have the 5% :rolleyes:) which is launched, aimed or swung towards you and is in range will hit you. Vitality points + very high BO is almost a must, also, again, proper use of taunt (for ranged atackers), howl (if you invest in it, it can be an excellent crowd control skill), battle cry (-enemy defense works wonders in order to hit them, also the -damage is great!), grim ward (how not to love enemy free zones?) and warcry (stunned monster = monsters which can't hit you) will provide excellent crowd control and thus, survivality.

Choose wisely your weapon and consider to invest in it's respective mastery. Double damage + berserk = dead enemies (and berserk is magic damage, so few enemies have resistance to it). Polearms = lots of style points, and things like bonehew, reaper's and hone sundan are worth considering. A S/S combo barb is not a wussy, it's power and survivality itself. 2h sword + shield = range, power and space for resistances or damage reduction.

An equipmet filled with sol runes will make you almost invulnerable in nightmare, but hell will be different (especially frenzytaurs). Consider to have a good DR but do not neglect other things for it, like resistances or +life.

Do not rush into a mob, learn from where to attack (from the side to avoid to be surrounded) and study the mob, if you have ranged attackers in it, use taunt, if you have only meleers, use warcry, battle cry or grim ward in order to take one by one. If you have a mix, go for the ranged firsts (taunt them) and then make proper use of warcry, battle cry or grim ward.

Just a few points from a barb fan :wink3:


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>> A_m:

Thanks for the advice. Like I said, this character is somewhat of a theme-build, and as such, is too stubborn to use a mercenary. And yes, about the Holy Trinity (taunt, war cry, and grim ward, or as I call them, come here, sit still, and go away =P), I am well aware as to the use of these three godsends, as I made a bowbarb a while back.

As for damage reduction, I have no *need*. It would be nice, but with my planned layout, I'm aiming for 10k life. I know that seems like a lot, and it is, but I'll get there, don't you worry.

EDIT: This character will own you! =P I will keep Arreat, and you in turn, as you are Arreat's mercenary. You work for me now, boy. =)


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@neumein: LOL! Sorry, this mercenary has seen a lot of battles and is no longer for contract, good luck on finding one :grin:


Arreat_mercenary said:
@neumein: LOL! Sorry, this mercenary has seen a lot of battles and is no longer for contract, good luck on finding one :grin:
:scratch: :laughing: :badteeth:


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neumein said:
I've read through the stickied stuff in the Hardcore Forum. But as with a lot of bnet things, they say you need enigmaAP, egriefz, edeathz, seriously what the **** are they on about?
Apparently you need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. Because the only stickied threads in the HC forum are the Death thread (where people tell their sad tales of 'Deeds'), the PK library, and the FAQ. Given that the FAQ was written before 1.10 was released, when Enigma and Grief didn't exist, it appears your statement above is utter BS. So what's the deal? Are you one of those small people who try to look cool by putting down B-net players? And just where do you get off disrespecting the HC forum, one of the bastions of legitimacy?

I could probably give you a lot of good advise about your forray into HC, but if you don't give respect, you don't get respect. And you'll not get respect nor advise from me till I see your apology to the HC forum.


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Man, that came out all wrong. Sorry for any damage caused. I'll try and rephrase this better:

What I meant was this: I read through the stickies in the HC forum. Having done that, I read some of the posts that were around in the HC forum. At which point I went through the other character 'sub-forums' (barbarian, sorceress, etc.) and had a looksie at what they were saying about HC. It is _there_ that they started recommending "need gear" such as the egriefz, ebotdz, etc... And I am still angry at _those_ people who recommend all of the "I need this" gear, such as all of the high end dupewords they everybody has access to. I suppose that's alright for bnet players, because they have access to things such as this, so readily. But for us legitimate single players, it gets hard to not simply label them as 'bnetters', and look down on them.

Man, I'm hopeless at this. I hope you dudes and dudettes can make some sense out of this post.

Once again, I apologise for any offence caused.


EDIT: you used the most awesome word. Ever. Bastion. That word rocks, and I rarely get to use it. But when I do, I get a really cool feeling.