[Guide] HC T1 Viable Monk Build


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I know this sub is dead but figured I would post anyway.

This build is for HC @ 70

I was getting ready to write up a report on build for my last monk but he died. I have now leveled a new monk and given her the hand me downs from my last monk and she is up to speed once again. The nerf to all the difficulties honestly made this monk T1 viable. This is a second tier monk my last monk had about 100k more dps and 2million more toughness but this monk can still go through t1 just not as quickly.

My build

Way of the Hundred Fists - Blazing Fists
I have gone back and fort with using Blazing fists or Lightning fists and I have found BF just suits my playstyle and the extra AS is worth a decent chunk of DPS.

Lashing Tail Kick - Scorpion sting
I love having a stun on my monk and with 85% to stun it is great vs elites and stops a lot of incoming damage. Couple this with [Gyana Na Kahsu]http://imgur.com/ZhHP507 makes my damage near 1k% weapon because of the fireball.

Mantra of Healing - Time of Need
MOH is amazing and with the loss of Life steal regen is just too good to do without and with it doing X amount for y is actually heals me for a decent amount.

Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
What else needs to be said 10% extra damage and the heal is actually useful now.

Dashing Strike - Quick Silver(3charges for 3x the fun)
I love this skill I just shoot all over the place. It allows me to skip through walls with waller and avoid frozen and other things on the ground. Also if things get really hairy I can shoot off in a direction while waiting on CDs to come back. This replaced Serenity on my bar since I can no longer pop serenity and heal up damage with LS I would rather just high tail it out of dodge.

Sweeping Wind - Inner storm
What can I say spirit regen means more LTKs more LTKs means more 1k% damage hits on mobs more 1k% damage hits ... well you get the idea. Also another side effect is more LTKs means more Life per spirit spent which actually does a lot to keep you alive. For awhile I had mystic ally air ally in there for the extra 100spirit on activation but once your gear gets high enough this is just a better option all around.


One with Everything -
same as live extra toughness is needed.

Since LPSS is always helpful in keeping alive

Seize the Initiative
Honestly in ROS All resist is very easy to come by with Diamonds but Armor is much harder to get so this is a necessity for any HC monk

Mythic Rhythm - every third hit from generator increase spender damage by 40% and normally I would have Near Death experience but that passive has refused to save me when needed so even in HC I have removed it.

Relevant information below since I can't just post a d3up profile

[My paper doll stats]http://imgur.com/5jHvdSb
[Details page 1]http://imgur.com/h9y03qc
[Details page 2]http://imgur.com/tF6A4hd
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That legendary effect is nice for LTK. I wonder how it works with the hand of ytar run that you select where it's placed (could make for a viable ranged monk setup with that and the WotHF Windforce Flurry rune (the ranged straight line of cold damage on 3rd hit)if only they could change it to make the 3rd hit generate spirit on enemies it damages( something like 3rd hit generates 30 spirit on hit). LTK is low enough spirit cost that your low Spirit generation and spirit generator spirit likely won't matter. You probably won't run into issues where LTK spam interrupts the 3rd hit of WotHF. Looks like the sort of survival you'd want in HC.


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I actually started messing with Epiphany towards the end when they cut the CD from 120 to 60seconds. The fire one is amazing almost feels like a mini WotB and with some CDR gear could be used a lot.


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thanks man. great build. needed to try a different style for my monk and this is great. i was using mantra of evasion with the fire damage but health steal is GREAT!