HC Melee characters and Stygian Dolls


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:mad: I've lost a Dreamer Palaldin and a Frenzy Barbarian in one day :mad::mad::mad: I HATE THOSE little undead stygian bastards.

I dislike waiting around for the merc to get the kill but is there anything else to do? I really like frenzy barbs but maybe I should try a barb with a shield.


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For questing, 1-point in Double Throw and Throwing Mastery with a switch to suit for the appropriate areas would at least let you feel like you were doing something.

For runs, as many points as you can shave elsewhere into Warcry and spam it with casting switch.

Warcry is probably much more effective all around, but depends more heavily on gear for +skills and fcr, whereas Double Throw meshes better with usual gear, but isn't going to do much, really.

For Pally... Holy Bolt? Or a bow... really, bow would work for barb too...


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Even though you dislike it, I'm afraid that merc doing the killing is still the best option. Or stacking DR on your gear?


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You don't have to let the merc get every kill, but it is the safest option. I often go about it a different way (and I totally never had a deeds ever! Actually, none of my deeds are from dolls :p) and pick them off one at a time. This is obviously reliant on their behaviour, but I can almost always pick a couple off. Alternatively, if you can't isolate any, just attack them individually and be careful about it, but that is less viable with the likes of WW and zeal. Personally, I find the problem not to be as bad as it is made out :)

If you have enough control over damage output, you can also weaken them for your merc to kill, but obviously that has the potential to go hilariously wrong. So if you choose that option, please do record it. Actually, if you have footage, that might help us see exactly what you are doing.


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Ill educated and ignorant people think that "the pitter patter of little feet" is a positive thing and that a doll is something cute. Those fools. :rolleyes: I have never associated the phrase with anything but undead Stygian Dolls and undead Flayers.
To the hardcore Diablo II player, there is no more dreadful sound and no creatures worse. :eek: I almost always hear them before I see them when the sound is turned on (idiotic to explore the Durance of hate if it isn't...).

A risky melee strategy that could make a difference is smiting the dolls with a wounding weapon and run away to make the bleeding run its course.

As long as you stay ranged, there should be plenty to do that results in sharp objects being delivered towards the little pests. Barbarians shoot pretty fast with bows, somewhat surprisingly, and paladins are fast axe throwers.

You could always equip the Black runeword and blow the pack up once the mercenary or you manages to down one of them.


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The trick is to... give your might merc a big eth polearm + forti and observe from a safe distance. You can help a bit if there are only a few dolls and there aren't any scary bosspacks around.