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hc ladder hammerdin build

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by baron_grim112, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. baron_grim112

    baron_grim112 IncGamers Member

    Sep 2, 2004
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    hc ladder hammerdin build

    I have just begun to play strictly hardcore ladder and im trying to design a build 4 a hammerdin. This is what i have come up with:

    Vit-the rest

    20 Blessed Hammer
    20 Concentration
    20 Blessed Aim
    20 Vigor
    20 Holy Shield
    1 Redemption
    1 Salvation
    1 Meditation
    1 Defiance
    1 Holy Bolt
    1 Might
    1 Prayer
    1 Cleansing
    1 Smite
    1 Charge

    Harlequin Crest (Um)
    Maras Kaleidoscope
    Shaftstop (Um)
    Herald of Zakarum (Shael)
    Verdungo's Hearty Cord
    Stone of Jordan
    Sandstorm Trek

    with this build i will have max block (75%), max resists in hell, 50% dmg reduce (i think 50 is the cap if not plz tell me). However, i had 2 make many changes to the build 2 adapt it to hardcore, mainly to get the maxed dmg reduce. However, is it worth sacrificing Arachnid mesh and que hegans to achieve 50% dmg reduce and any other ways to improve this char would be extremely appreciated
  2. Leohappy

    Leohappy IncGamers Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    Well your build plan sounds fairly good, but I'd like to add a few thoughts.

    Seems you're overly concerned with the damage reduce and you forget that most of the time the biggest threat to hammerdin is elemental attacks and conviction aura. You might want to consider Guardian angel as armor, has +1 skill, +20% block and +15% to max resists, pretty nice. Some resistance stacking will help a lot against conviction as well.

    Another thing you're forgetting is fast cast rate, which is currently at a very uncomfortable value of 70% (Wizspike+Magefists). You need to hit that 75%FCR breakpoint otherwise you'll cast hammers very slowly and monsters will easily pass through your hammer field largely unharmed - arachnid is a keeper it seems.

    Also don't forget a CTA - very useful item indeed, even the lowest one.
  3. baron_grim112

    baron_grim112 IncGamers Member

    Sep 2, 2004
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    i see what your saying, but i always felt that max dmg reduce wuld be a necessity wen playing hardcore, is this not the case? shuld i jus go with the build that i wuld use in softcore? (identical except exchange shaft with que hegans and verdungos with arachs)
  4. treyder

    treyder IncGamers Member

    Jun 7, 2005
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    Why magefists? You need trang gloves, they have better def and 30% Cold Res (which is good). The little bit of mana regen that magefist has isnt enough to make a difference between when you do/dont drink a mana pot.

    Another thing, you should be looking more into FHR/FCR then anything for a pally.

    My clvl 95 Pally uses the following ::

    Dusk Enigma
    Shako with 9Dex 25 Fire Res Jewel
    27 Maras
    35 Hoto
    Perf Spirit (44 Res Sacred Targe) 44 Fire 79 Cold 79 Lit 79 Psn 79
    10 FCR 20 Str 4 All Res Ring
    10 FCR 6 Str 10 All Res Ring
    Spider Web Arach Mesh
    Trang Gloves
    Waterwalks 15 Dex 65 Life +5% Max Fire Res
    on switch
    6/6 CTA

    With this build you have 135 FCR (125 = 9fps) so you can actually drop one FCR ring and throw in a BK ring for +skills and life

    Max Block 18% DR Maxed Resistances in hell (that are quite stacked might I add) 90 Fire Res 100 Lit Cold and Psn . . . and that is before any kind of ring/ charm you might have

    One thing you can do too . . .

    Leave your base str (at 25)
    with Anni + Maras + 20 Str Ring (10 + 5 + 20) you have a base str of 60. Which means you can use Mage Plate Enigma
    100 Base Dex - With anni and other plus items and holy shield it is EASY to get Max block
    Rest into Vitality.

    Really this is how it works out.

    Every time you level 1 to Dex 4 into vitality until level 81 then 5 into Vit from then on. You will have monster HP as do I . . . pushing 3700 with CTA

    About the DR you block 75% of all phys attacks anyway and hopefully by that time you would have killed whoever is hitting you.

    I have to go right now but that is my 2 cents.
  5. mewizard4321

    mewizard4321 IncGamers Member

    Dec 27, 2004
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    I just started playing hardcore recently. Its been 4 weeks for me now but if you just started playing you have to think realistic and use items that will allow you to survive.

    mara's, engima, fcr rings with str/resist, 6/6 cta (ROLF), hoto are all great items but are really hard to come by in hardcore.

    1 high useful rune (Ber, Jah, Ohm, Lo) sells for 4 ists on hardcore.
    All other high runes (Zod, Cham, Vex, Sur) sell for 3 ists on hardcore.

    A mara sells for about 3 to 4 high runes
    A hoto (depending on resists) from ist to 1.5 high runes
    6/6 cta sells for 5 high runes easy.

    I mean unless you have the items or runes go for it. Otherwise your set up is good.

    If anything the only suggestions that I could make is to try using trang gloves for the 20% fcr and cold resist.

    If you find fcr is lacking get a skin of the vipermagi socketed with an um rune and upgraded. That way with a shako (10 dr) and verdungo (15 dr) you will still have 25 damage reduce, really nice resists and fcr.

    Other things you can do is to:

    1) Buy a 1 bo cta for dirt cheap. With your setup and a spirit shield on weapon switch you can easily get a 11 bo out of a 1 bo cta.

    2) Craft a godly fcr, resist, +1 or +2 pally skill amulet

    3) Craft a godly 10 increased block amulet with resists and +1 or +2 to pally

    4) Get a nature's peace ring and cast the oak sage from it. (this ring sells for pgems and is a great item for dclone since it has "prevent monster heal")

    The only thing I think that will really hurt you is monsters that use elemental damage and conviciton. That is why I strongly suggest using the vipermagi setup I mentioned and give that shaftstop to your merk.

    Hope that helps

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