HC Dueling Thread


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HC Dueling Thread

The Basic Idea:
The general idea is to make no-charm, no-jewel duelers that do not require a huge amount of time to level or gear, then duel them.

Posting a Challenge
Post either a level and "open," meaning any character class, a level and class, or a level and specific build. You will also want to post what realm you're playing on, when you plan to have the character completed, and possibly your D2 account name. You can also challenge a specific person if you like.

Example: Level 25 Amazon USEast - Ready by December 1st - <account name>

Accepting a Challenge
Quote the Challenge Thread and post that you have accepted the challenge. Also include when you plan to have the character completed.

The General Rules:
No Charms (5 spears will be traded between chars to make sure their inventory is empty).
No Jewels.
No Gear in the Stash can be used, IE no Pre-Buff Gear.
No Mercs.
One belt-load of any type of potions is allowed.

No Titles (cannot have the Normal Baal Quest)*
Runes and Runewords are acceptable.*

The duel will be fought in the Blood Moor in normal difficulty. It will be fought to the death. Running to town will be considered an act of complete cowardice, and you will be ridiculed beyond belief. Just stay and die.

*Depending on the chosen level, these two rules may change. This should be stated in your thread.

For that matter, all other rules can be changed as well, but be specific in your post if you want any changed.

Let the challenges begin.


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I like this idea, but why does the location have to be in the Blood Moor?

I think it would be reasonable and fun to clear out unusual areas for dueling. The Arreat Summit comes to mind. Anywhere would work, really. Perhaps the trees in the Dark Wood could be used strategically. A duel in level 2 of the Act III Sewers would be something new.

Of course, certain areas could give players advantages. Ranged characters would have trouble fighting in the Arachnid Lair. So people would have to consider balancing this out. Two of the same types of characters would be even anywhere. So while a ranged character vs. a melee character in the Arachnid Lair would not be fun, two Fireball Sorceresses going at it could be.

In any of these cases (except the Arreat Summit), players would first clear the map (enemies, tombs, urns, etc.), go hostile, get on opposites of the map, give a signal, and then start dueling.

In public games, this is impossible to orchestrate, which is why everyone uses the Blood Moor. But since we know each other, we could work this out and it might be cooler.


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And you would have to walk all the way there while hostile..

You cant go in tps while hostile.

If you have a tp down there when you hostile it goes away.


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And you would have to walk all the way there while hostile..

You cant go in tps while hostile.

If you have a tp down there when you hostile it goes away.
That's true, I forgot about that. It would take about two minutes to walk from the Ancient's Way waypoint to the Arreat Summit.



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Let me get the ball rolling....


To create a lvl 9 barbarian to test your true brute strength against those who may oppose you!

- lvl 9 Barb
- Normal status (ie:no destroyer/conq/guardian)
- No Charms
- No Jewels
- No Merc
- All Runes/Gems acceptable
- 1 belt of potions (all potions acceptable)
- All builds are acceptable
- Looter may be present if necessary to retrieve fallen equipment

The Duel:
After exchanging the necessary polearms to determine no that no charms are being used, each opponent will immediately exit town into the Blood Moor where they will fight until the death!

Any returning to town will be considered a loss and the defeated barb must then return to this thread and announce "I AM A COWARD WHO WAS AFRAID TO DIE!"

The victor of the duel will congratulate his/her fallen opponent for his/her valour and then proceed to his/her next challenge (if there is more than one individual brave enough to take up this challenge!)

- The duels will take place this Saturday December 2nd 1:00 PM Eastern

- We will meet in channel Op Arm Wrestle approximately 15 mins ahead of time. Come earlier or later it is up to you. At 1:00 game names will be announced

- You may accept this challenge up until Friday December 1st 9:00pm PM Eastern. At which time you will be considered a Coward for not participating and will not be allowed to join the competition!

Do You Accept?
If you have what it takes to pit your strength against your fellow level 9 Barbarians then you must leave a reply to this challenge stated the name of your challenger and that you wish to accept. Once all entries in (if any dare at all!) a random assignment of round robins will be put forth to determine who has the strongest arm of all!



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I also would like to take part in this. I'm pretty sure I can make a crappy throw away level 9 before Saturday.



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Stewie: This is the part where I'm supposed to say "Oh I am so up to it." Well I am. I accept your challenge. And what are the stakes of this wager.
Brian: Why don't you shut up for a week.
Stewie: And what if I win.
Brian: I wasn't betting.Why dont you shut up for a week.
Stewie: Your on!


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if i'm around i'll give it a shot. for sure!

isn't this where everyone is supposed to say i'm leet uber lvl 9 and i'll ownzor your or something... i think i read that in a different thread, ha ha ha

sounds like fun anyway.


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When will it be, saturday? I might get one up if i can even afford the cheap gear rofl.
I will be using only the gear I found on my quest to level 9, so you and I should be paired up first so that I don't get my *** kicked quite so horribly!