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HC Damage Barb feat. Mighty Weapons

Discussion in 'Barbarian' started by LuMpX, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. LuMpX

    LuMpX IncGamers Member

    Mar 12, 2012
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    Build: HC Damage Barb feat. Mighty Weapons

    A friend of mine and I debated about this the other day and came up with this:!cYg!Zcabba

    So I just wanted to put the build up for discussion or tips on improvement:


    Frenzy runed with Triump
    - Main Damage skill with life/kill to have a bit survivability

    Leap runed with Iron Impact
    -Mainly for escaping but also usable to jump into mobs with the Armor Buff on Impact

    Ground Stomp runed with Trembling Stomp
    -Stun to have enough time for Frenzy to stack up
    -Trembling Stomp rune to have it deal damage rather than being pure CC

    Battle Rage runed with Marauders Rage
    -further damage pumping, should be up the whole time

    Whirlwind runed with Volcanic Eruption
    -runed for max dmg
    -main fury dump (if needed)

    Threatening Shout runed with Grim Harvest
    -damage reduction
    - using Grim Harvest so maybe we don't need to waste too many equip properties for magic find


    Berserker Rage
    - even moar dmg with max fury

    Weapons Master
    - for +3 Fury / Attack with Mighty Weapons

    -more dmg

    So the plan is to be at max fury almost the whole time.
    Having Battle Rage up constantly should do no harm to the fury pool since Frenzy will stack +6 Fury/Attack and Stomp / Threatening Shout will fill the rest of the fury globe.

    Since we fight more more than 2 creeps most of the time, Brawler should be a good pick for another heavy damage boost.

    This should leave us with a real nice damage output while generating life from creep kills - should work even during boss fights IF the boss is spawning minions.

    I'm not sure if whirlwind is a good choice in this setup. The AoE damage is appreciated but it would leave Berserker Rage inactive if used extensively.

    I would be glad to hear your thoughts on this. Tips / critics are welcome :D
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2012
  2. Lucas S

    Lucas S IncGamers Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Re: HC Damage Barb feat. Mighty Weapons

    If you are planning to dual wield Mighty weapons, frenzy doesn't work so well from my experience in the beta. There is another thread here with good info on how frenzy works.

    iESCAPISM IncGamers Member

    Mar 15, 2012
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    Re: HC Damage Barb feat. Mighty Weapons

    Chances are you will want at least one passive "tanking" skill in the build, but you have plenty of active ones, so only time will tell, I suppose. According to some Brawler might not be beneficial enough, so if any I'd replace that passive. Since you will be focused on dealing damage, maybe Bloodthirst would be a good alternative to pure tanking passives, as the returned life should flood in quite nicely, and come in especially handy during a WW.

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