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HC Crusader - Phalanx Focused - Looking for Advice

Discussion in 'Crusader' started by lsdtrails, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. lsdtrails

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    Mar 14, 2014
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    Greetings, fellow crusaders.

    Let me start this by saying that I'm coming off of a Witch Doctor main, who came all the way from vanilla D3. I didn't get around to leveling a crusader until right before the first season began, so I decided to make a new one as my seasonal toon to really get a feel for the class. I ended up falling in love.

    A few weeks ago, a Baleful Remnant dropped for me, and this weapon has shaped my entire build. Following that, I farmed the Akkhan set, obtained a RoRG, and began to focus my build on maintaining Akarat's Champion while fielding a Phalanx army.

    Recently, I managed to gamble the Eternal Union and Unrelenting Phalanx. These further honed my crusader into a build I had heard was capable of pushing the highest Torments, as well as upper Greater Rifts. The only problem, however, is... until this crusader, I have never been higher than T2. On all my other toons, I felt confined to T2 or lower. For whatever reason--lack of gear or viable builds--I hadn't managed to ascend any higher.

    This past weekend, I cleared a level 23 Grift with minutes to spare. I don't really know how high I can go with this build. For that matter, I don't know what T6 even feels like. I have no perception of the type of pain I might endure on that level, for it's a difficulty tier I've never reached. I want to go higher, but I'm wary, uncertain of what awaits me in the upper reaches.

    So, I'm looking for advice. Would anybody be willing to check out my build and offer suggestions?

    First off, I tend to switch between Bowmen and Stampede. As you can see, I let my army do most of the fighting. In the meantime, I try to keep my toughness up with AC. During the 14-15 seconds when AC is on cooldown, I have Laws of Justice to bridge the gap (25.5 mil. toughness) and Iron Skin for emergencies--the Flash rune being of particular use for running through Waller barriers. Falling Sword can be used for damage, to field additional troops, and as an escape tactic.

    When--and if--I am ever able to level Gogok to 25, I could see it helping with my cooldown reduction. Enforcer and Bane of the Powerful add to the overall damage of my Phalanxes or my Stampede.

    Some of my questions include:

    What sort of toughness is needed to attempt to push higher? I'm at 15 mil. base toughness, with 34.5 when in AC. What's a typical T6 toughness for hardcore survivability?

    What other legendary gems should I use? I've considered Bane of the Trapped, but I'm not sure if my army would benefit from that bonus. For instance, I've noticed only my bowmen (and perhaps Falling Sword avatars, but I can't pinpoint them in battle), but not my Baleful Remnant adds, proc the bleed on Pain Enhancer. Or, when using Stampede, I'm not sure if the ability's stun would be enough to warrant using Bane of the Trapped. On a recent podcast, Katniss mentioned that Zei's Stone of Vengeance might be a viable option. That's another I haven't tried yet. Does anybody know if the bowmen benefit from that, as well? Normally, I switch to Pain Enhancer when I'm using bowmen.

    When I crafted a Hellfire Amulet, it came with Heavenly Strength, which let me pick another passive. I went with Finery, as it added 100k to my DPS. However, I can't tell if that's better than taking Lord Commander for the flat 20% Phalanx damage bonus. With my current set up--AC and Bane of the Powerful bonus--I roll at about 1.4 million DPS, with room for another 100k or so from Gogok.

    So, barring some notable gear I have not found that might further influence this build (Tasker & Theo, Unity, Stone of Jordan), I'm just curious what I might do to push the limits. Maybe switch out my chest diamonds for rubies? Farm for even better rolls on some of my gear? I realize some of it isn't likely as good as it could be.

    I appreciate any insight into this build, any advice you can offer, general T6 survival tips for somebody new to the highest difficulties--whatever you think might aid me. Thank you.

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