HC Clans Reforming/Combining


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Since the site here has gone back to the Diabloii.net URL, we've been talking about changing the clan names away from the IncHC & IncHCN (already changed to DiiHCN) tags. Along with that we've also decided to merge the two into one clan. I've already formed DiiHC, DiabloiiNet Hardcore Clan, and am accepting new members. Anybody currently in IncHC or IncHCN (DiiHCN) is encouraged to quite their respective clan and apply at DiiHC - the sooner the better. Last time we did this I made up a big list of current members and checked all new apps against the list to make sure everybody that was in the previous version got first crack at the remake. Not doing that again.

I would strongly urge anybody wanting to stay in the clan make the switch before S4 starts and activity (probably) goes way up.

Flux is staying in IncHC through the weekend to point people to the new clan, and has posted a news item about it in the clan news. I believe somebody has/is doing something similar in IncHCN.

Both of the old clans will be disbanded probably late Sunday.


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Thank you! I sent an invite from my account Blaatman#2112. :)

EDIT: meant to say request, of course.
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