HC adventurers


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HC adventurers

I don't ALWAYS like playing alone. I don't like joining public games to meet people cuz in nightmare and hell nobody plays public. PKs? Anyway if you would like to play with me I'm *Heirophant_X

Why are the public games on normal good but there are no nightmare/hell public players? Ok bye.


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Anyone level 50+ can TPPK easily.

This means that if you are on normal difficulty, you should leave when you see someone level 50 or above.

This means that on Nightmare and Hell, you should also never play with someone level 50 and above. Oops! That's everyone. :wink3:

That's why you never see people playing NM and Hell games.

I'll be in op xbananax if you want to play sometime.


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anyone can tppk if they're chanted...
funniest was when a lvl9 tppkd the chanter lol
Stupid chanter, for leaving town. :) You can chant people that are outside of town, regardless of if you are or not, and if you're out of town you can chant people in town. So basically, a chanter never has to leave town.