Having trouble


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Having trouble

Hello all!

First off, I'd like to start out by saying that I am NOT a noob. I've actually written a guide in the druid forum on summoning druids. Anyways...

I just can't decide what mf character to use. I've been using a mf hammerdin with some pretty good success. However, I've just come across the full tals set and want to use it.......but then I started thinking of using my summoning necro for mf. I guess I should be orderly and list the pros/cons of all three.

MF Hammerdin

1) Great killing power, unmatched in MVP
2) Never have to worry about monster resistances
3) Very strong build

1) Can be expensive to build
2) Hammers get really annoying in pit runs sometimes (stupid walls)

MF Tals sorc

1) Very cheap build to make
2) Equitment is easy to find
3) Teleport is a given (no need for nigma)
4) Good all around build

1) Have to deal with resistances to fire/cold in hell and sometimes both
2) Doesnt have nearly the killing power or speed of a hammerdin
3) Die easily (glass cannons)

MF summoner

1) Has the most MF potential then any other build in the game
2) Extremly cheap to make
3) Very simple build
4) Never have to worry about death even in hell

1) Doesnt have anything close to a sorc let alone a palidan on killing power
2) Must compromise power for MF or vice versa
3) Runs can be slow if facing tough monsters

So thats pretty much it aside from little things. Palidans are the powerhouses but are expensive to make. Sorcs are the middle-ground but can run into huge problems with monster resistances. Summoners can have more mf then both but the runs can be slow depending on the mods of monsters (like in Act 4 when you're always getting decreptify thrown on you). Equitment isnt really an issue but I dont like wasting things. If I get enough stuff I'm going to make a uber runner soon. I want to make up my mind cus I've finally collected enough runes and such to make a great barb. Hes missing a few more items though, so I need to know which mf char to pick so I can trade the rest of the gear. (I have equitment for all three right now). Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.

O yea, and if this subject has been beaten to death I apologize. This is the first time posting in months!!


Evrae Altana

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Actually, a summon necro can beat the other two in killing speed, if he uses Amplify Damage in conjunction with Corpse Explosion. :wink:


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Evrae Altana said:
Actually, a summon necro can beat the other two in killing speed, if he uses Amplify Damage in conjunction with Corpse Explosion. :wink:
Wow, never even thought about that. So I guess thats where your vote is going?

Someone made another good point though in that, summoning necros can take 15 seconds or so to raise an army before they even start running.....but if it offers that much protection..


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CE only shines with either lots of skills gear or lots of skill points. The key is the radius of the effect. You're not gonna get far if you just put one point into ce and expect everything to fall. Plus CE only works in large packs. If you only have 2 corpses on the ground, trying to kill a mob, CE isn't gonna do much in hell.

Bladewind said:
Yep if it is SP, amp and CE basically DECIMATES everything.