Having alot of trouble beating Baal!!!


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Having alot of trouble beating Baal!!!

Im a levl 41 druid and I cant beat him.... Is there a strategy to this?


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what kind of druid are you?
I suggest bringing a lot of blue pots to the fight, he drains mana quickly
also bring red pots for the blood mana curse and extra life.

Also, you can bring a merc for another target or raise of minions
when he clones thats the hardest move to beat.. most people say to go for him but i actually like killing the clone first, it dies easily. only problem is he clones again sometimes.

the way to tell which is which: put your mouse over him, his life will appear at the top along with Baal. under that is Demon (his class). the one where the D in demon is directly under the b in baal is the clone, and if its a little to the right its him. please fix me if i got it backwards.

bring plenty of mana pots, he doesnt do too much damage but his mana burn move is pretty mean.