having a problem, only 1600 life at lvl 87


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having a problem, only 1600 life at lvl 87

i have 165 strength (i realize its too high :/) around 140 dex, none into eneergy rest into vit and i still only have 1600 hp on my FC bear at lvl 87, with my lvl 1 oak spirit out. how can i get more hp? is he permanently screwed by high strength and low hp?


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well, you cant reallocate stats, so they are set. You simply have to put more skillpoints into oak, or easiest, stack up on life charms ;)


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i highly doubt you can slavage any more skill points from synergies maxed for FC...looks like you might have to remake. if not you coud have 10x shapeshift gc to help your oak.


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Try this mate

heres what to do mate, stack shape skillers, not summons. Use 2 bk's and an arach to transform, thus boosting lycan and bear thingy. not sure how it works out on bear but also the ratio on shifters seems to be about 1 point vitality in stash = 4 when shifted so a 2o life sc will add around 80.


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Maybe you should try to post your gear..

But i really think u gotta rebuild, my lvl 29 pvp FC bear, had 1.7k life :)


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yeh rebuild and improve your gear/charms
you got a serious problem if you only got 1600 life
i got 5k+ life at level 89