haven't touched d2 in about 5 years getting back into it


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alright guys i just have a few questions here i havent been on d2 in about 5 years then i was going threw some old stuff at my house and found my old diablo 2 battlechest set..
i used to play for about a year and a half then stop for a year on and off ever since before lord of destruction even played d2 on dial up a few times back in the day haha..
im just really hoping the nestalgia making the game seem better then it is but then i constantly am complaining about d3 and how much they dumbed everything down!!
i have no intention of playing on battlenet just single player.
are there any mods that anyone can recommend?

how popular is single player in this forum usually the biggest problem i find with forums anymore is just a pure lack of activity..

looking forward to posting my fun on here!


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Hi there! From another new denizen of incgamers D2 section, welcome!

I am another fellow singleplayer like yourself: I occasionally play on TCP/IP with friends but that is about it; the forum activity on the singleplayer forums are relatively "warm" but only if you follow those individual threads and the competitions/item find stuff: I personally follow the trade and item find threads and usually check out other things on the newcomer/SP forums. I have no comparison since I have never played D3 so I'll take your word for it!

It would be wise to have a look at this stickied thread: http://www.diabloii.net/forums/threads/read-this-first-single-player-forum-guide-2016-wip.933479/

I say that because there are restrictions on modding in place for SP play (and some other important rules) here on these forums, but the only one I use (and can recommend as a result) is the runewordmod or RWM which enables ladder only runewords on SP; you can find instructions for this from the sticky as well!

I hope that helps and that you have fun here!


Welcome to both of you! The Single Player Forum here is probably the most active, and is still a great community. I play only SP myself, both 1.13d and 1.07. If I can help answer any questions about this place, please let me know. Stay a while and listen!