Haven't played in a year, help please.


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Haven't played in a year, help please.

I want to make a WW barb and I want to make him perfect from the start. I know the right skill location and the best way to allocate attributes but I'm not sure what the best gear is. What is the best 1 handed weapon and shield in the game? I think a botd zerker axe is the best weapon (not sure) but I don't know about the best shield. Please help.


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i think that fury balrog blade is the best sword for a ww barb. gear according to a fbb build...
fury balrog blade
draculs gloves
crafted 10 open wounds 20+str 30+life mithril belt
waterwalks boots
angelic ammy
and 2 angelic rings

socket items with ber to obtain max pdr.


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Botd zerker axe.
Stormshield- still best shield.
Or is it 4 soketed monarch with ED jewels/ ED jeweled 3 soketed Headhunter`s?


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OK you said best so Im going to put out the best and hopefully some1 wont give me the poor mans lecture :p lol

Im assuming this is PvM but ill list equip and stats for Both PvM and PvP

20 WW
20 BO
20 Shout
20 Mastery
1 Speed
5 NR
1 Zerk
1 Battle Cry
1 Battle Command
Pre Reqs
Rest into Zerk, Iron Skin or Speed

AF(soc with 40/9 Str jewel)
SS(same soc as AF)
Enigma Archron(PvP),CoH,Valor(Soc Valor with same as AF)
Highlords(pvp vs casters and pvm), Angelic(PvP vs melee)
Raven Frost(20 dex)
BK Ring(pvp vs casters), Angelic(pvp vs melee)
Etheral BotD Zerker Axe
1/20/20 anni

Str:81 Base
Dex:113 Base @90 132 Base @99
Energy: Laughs

Anni gives the 20 str to bring you to 101 which is Eth BotD zerker req which adds 30 for 131 for AF which adds 29 with soc job for 160 which hits ss for 39 with soc job and that gives str for steal rends which is highest req. (thats just incase you dont go with enigma)

Also I never added in the 10 dex angelic gives you so that you can switch them out on demand depending on who you are dueling.


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Thanks, thats exactly what I wanted.

2 more questions.

COH seems a LOT better than enigma to me. 200% to demons and 100% to undead seems like a ton of extra damage. Maybe I'm misinterpreting it though, as I'm not sure when these calculations take pladce. Will I actually do 3 times as much WW damage when fighting demons while wearing this armor?

Second, I don't know what a 1/20/20 anni is. Is it something crafted? If so what is the recipe. Thanks.


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Zangeif said:
Thanks, thats exactly what I wanted. 1 Question - what is a 1/20/20 anni?
A perfect Annihilious Charm
+1 Skills
+20 to Attributes
+20 to all Resists
then whatever exp more gained % you get

I think I might go with War Travellers instead of Gore, but I don't want to start another WT vs. GR debate.



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Well when i said Enigma i was refering to PvP as far as PvM CoH is probably the better of the two.

But to answer your question no it doesnt double your damage your doing already but the damage of your wepons and all you max and min add ons you have