Have you driven a Ford...lately? No? Why not?!


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Have you driven a Ford...lately? No? Why not?!


Ford is cutting 14,000 white-collar jobs in North America as it tries to turn round its flagging business.

It is also to close 16 factories by 2008, instead of shutting 12 by 2012 as previously announced.

It said these measures would help it reduce annual costs by about $5bn (£2.65bn) by the end of 2008.

Ford had earlier said it would offer redundancy and early retirement packages to all of its 75,000 unionised US blue-collar workers.

Personally I'm not really shedding any tears over this. Ford has been doing just terrible over the past decades. I look around me and I don't see a single friend of mine having bought a Ford. It's all Hondas, Toyotas, Mazdas...the only people who bought trucks MIGHT have bought a Ford. Even the older family members...they spring for BMW's, Lexus, Mercedes, blah blah. Ford has never even been considered in the running. Always Japanese car here, or European car there. Never Ford. I don't forsee myself buying myself a Ford anytime soon either. As I'm getting older I too, am looking at something European.

how about you guys? How of you drive a Ford, and proud of it?


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I'm not buying any more cars from Ford, Chevy, etc.

Frankly, for the same price, Japanese manufacturers make a better, loner-lasting product.


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personally no,
but the ford f450 series has been used for garbage trucks and tow trucks
as long as their maintained properly they can run forever


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Just so you know, Ford owns Mazda, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover, and Volvo.

I've owned two Fords, a Canadian Buick, and a Suzuki. They've all had their perks, but the Fords have been my favorite.

I might by an F-150 at some point. Those new ones are sexy.


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Drive a Jeep and Ford has nothing to match it. And my next car is going to be a BMW. Other then maybe the Mustang nothing from them interests me. They have such bad designs and what a person looks at first is the looks of a car.


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Stoutwood said:
Just so you know, Ford owns Mazda, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Land Rover, and Volvo.
Gib pix plz.

I think discussions like this would be best served with naming both makes and the models, and in addition explaining in what field is Ford actually pwning.