Have 2xD2 and 2 comp, tryin to rush my own char


Have 2xD2 and 2 comp, tryin to rush my own char

I got a hold of a second copy of D2 and have a notebook and reg comp side by side. I am trying to rush My lev 3 zon with my lev 82 libby and even when she is standing right next to him and he is killing like a mofo she is gaining very little exp. Is there some kind of a level difference cap in order to leach exp? Is she too low and he too high? Tnx


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When a level X character is in a party with a level Y character, the XPs are divided into X+Y shares. The level X character getx X shares and the level Y one gety Y shares. That means the low-level character won't get much XP. In addition, characters below L25 get severe XP penalties when being in too hifggh level areas. Using two computers isn't really effective for leveling.

It's very useful for rushing dummies while questing through the game with another char, as the dummy can stay in town and gets all the quests which the questing character solves if he's partied. Of course, the dummy won't get any XP, but he will be able to harvest the Hellforge and Larzuk quest rewards and when you are done, you have a L1 patriarch, i.e. a mule which can enter any town in any act of any difficulty which is very useful for muling Gheeds, torches and Annihili or help quickly when the stash of your MF char is full.

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For lvling, it's best to simply take yoru low lvl and get into a hell chaos game. He'll shoot up in lvls till about 20. Once there, it slows down, but once you hit, lvl 24, do Norm ancients. Once he hits lvl 25, his xp gain will go up again. Continue till it's lvl 65ish. Proceed to do baal runs.

Another plan is to make an enchant sorc. Enchant your char and play with a party. They'll lvl quickly and you'll have lots of fun and get praises =).


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Same thing as Lyrs but I prefer not doing norm/nm ancients. Since once you lvl to 90+. That exp from norm/nm ancients can come in very handy.