hate my necro


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hate my necro

well i started playin a month ago
i got a lvl 70 necro
it still cant kill anythin, i followed the guides and it cant even do diablo in NM
its a summoner
i have 150 mf, all garbage gear, is there anywhere good to look for items cause i havent seen ANY good drops since i startin playin, and gettina king loeric ive given up on
so before i quit the game i wanna know if theres chance of gettin any good drops anywhere cause ive tried tons of places and nothing even remotely useful to a necro has dropped, and i dont wanna start a new char and waste even more time..i dont know how ppl startin w/ nothing can have fun but yeah is there anywhere i should MF to get necro stuff


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Try the pit in tamoe highlands in act1 hell. Very easy monsters that has the potential to drop some really good stuff.


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my necro cant do ANY hell
not even the den
the guids on this site are all lies, you need good items, who starts with a shako and stuff, NO ONE
its utterly hopeless...no wonder ppl use hacks i should start


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if you just want to go enjoy playing wiht your necromancer, do NM mephisto runs and NM council runs. They'll drop good stuff eventually.

If you're serious about getting better items, and don't mind making another char to do it with, make a sorceress and use her to mf hell andy, hell meph, etc etc til you get the good items needed for your necro.

If the game is making you so frustrated that you don't have fun playing it, go play a new game. No one's forcing your hand.



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Your skill placement must be wrong. I did A hell baal run with my Commando mancer NAKED (as In no gear!) and got almost to baal, but the minions of destruction just regen far too fast.

Good Skill point placement:
Max Skele Mast
Max Raise Skele
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Mast
1 Summon Res
1 in all curses except Lower Res
1~20 Corpse Explosion

With extra points, pump your fave curses for dur length, and either max Skele mages (Which I suggest) or go for revived.

For Easy gear, shop Drognan (dude in act 2) or Akara for Golemlord's wands (+3 summoning skills) and Gamble for Amulets and Circlets until you get +2 necro or +3 Summoning. Trang's armor has dropped so much off hell meph, it's not funny.

You have to be doing something wrong, I'm sorry to say. My Commando is well build, but being naked and clearing the worldstone keep (under one hour I mind you) in hell... Makes me wonder what the problem is...

Cheap Runewords to use:

Ort + Sol in helm = Lore
Tal + Eth in Armor = Stealth
Shael + Eth in a 2 socketed Necro Helm with good mods = Rhyme
Dol + Io in a 2 socketed wand (possibly with good skills) = White

Tell me your gear, stat placement, and skill placement.


sir goatscelot

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Since you are new I will ignore the negativity lol. Many people have made it to Hell with no twink Summoners. You can too :) Just relax, slow down a bit, and gain some game knowledge. Don't rush or asked to rushed.., you cannot learn that way. There's always a learning curve when playing any game. You have to decide if you want to stick with it or move on. A few threads below you will find someone asking about the proper areas to lvl etc. Read that. While +skill items are tasty and low in fat, you don't NEED them. We all had to start with nothing as you are now, and we are still here lol. Friends can be of help if you have some that play, and if they don't, make them lol. Since you have read the guides I won't get in to game strategy. The Summoner is a great choice for a first time D2 char so just stick with it. Eventually you will find things you need or things someone else needs. Once this happens, you can start to trade and gain your D2 riches lol. Post up your gear, stats, skill choices, merc choices etc, and I am sure the guys here can be more helpful :)


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the skill placement is fine, 20 master/20 RS/5 summon res, 5 fire golly, i got 1 on every curse that ill need(I got IM, Amp, Decrep, and life tap)
got lvl 9 revive, the revives do NO damage at all in hella nd its not like their dmg goes up as u lvl it u just get more of em
its totally frustrating cause at this lvl i cant even do nightmare, i got 500 life too, and i die in one hit from hell act 1, i got 300 mana, and i got like 125 str
i havent bother with dex cause i neva gonna geta good shield anyways
as for stickin with it, all i can do is follow people, my killing ability is 0
and imthinkin of just scrappin the char and gettin a bonewall/spear combo(it looks good)
i dont know how you got through naked but even with my items(which have a few + skills) nightmare is impossible no enemies die
the gear, all crap, the only thing is a +1 helm wormskull, and a nagel ring, that seem to be of any value, those were given to me
my wand is +2 necro skills, amulet +24 energy +30 mana, rings nagel and some other ring with MF, gloves have res/mf, same with boots


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Try clay golem for a golem instead of fire.

Get a NM Offensive Act2 merc (Might) and try to give him gear with good def, res, and any at all Life leech at all.

Revived are not known for their damage.

What kind of tactics do you have? A skelemancer should not be getting hit. You should at least have 9-10 skeletons and that can seriously own Act 1 Hell.

You have to use curses strategically as well. Use attract on one or two monsters then stack on decrep or amp (whichever you prefer). Then use life tap when you skeletons are in serious trouble so they leech back some life.

Is this single player or b.net... because the ONLY way I can see your necro's not killing is that some how your still in single player or something, but somehow still in 1.09 patch. In 1.09... skeles sucked... they were sad.

you didn't specify, are you sure that you have 20 points in Skeleton Mastery and not Golem Mastery. Skele mastery = good, golem = not as good.

It just doesn't seem right..

23/23 skeles should be able to take NM and dent early Hell. A strong merc and doing an pit run can make doing Eldrich or Pindle easier as well. Make sure to get your army started first and keep it at full strenght.

Get a point in Corpse Explosion. It helps.. alot! Pump it due to your lack of +skills right now.

If you still have problems, then I think... well... no, you shouldn't have problems.



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its skel mastery, and i been doin all that
i tried usin CE a bit to its lvl 4, im in multi, and i always need help even in act 1, im not sure what else to do its lookin pretty grim


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You are doing something wrong..

I can go make my Commando naked and run Hell act 1-3 prob easy.

I have no clue what your problem is, but Summoner is the easiest char to run in 1.10. It is the most stable build and can def kill in Hell.



sir goatscelot

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Kbob has some valid points. Amp or decripfy most baddies is always helpful as is dim vision for missle baddies. 500 life seems low and 125 str a wee bit high as most summoners don't need str for much as high ed armor or high dmg weapons are not needed for pvm. You put points in nrg also? You have some decent stuff there and you can check out the runeword section for some good easy to get stuff. It does seem like something is amiss but without sitting at your pc it's tough to say lol. 1.09? 1.10? Those skill and stat points naked or equiped? More info please :)


500 life seem very low if he has no poinrts in DEX! My own bonemancer has max block, and still has over 530 life level 70. And that's with some stat points still not used. You have tobe doingthing wrong to not be able to kill anything. My skelemancer, mostly untwinked, was soloing 8-player meph runs in Nightmare when he was level 65, with skeletons only at about level 28. If you're playing 1-player games, then even only level 20-skeletons should do great in nightmare. Go kill meph about 1000 times for better stuff.


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i have lvl 24 RS/SM, 9 Revive, all my golems are 4 and fire is 6
i got 50% summon resist, any more is a waste i think
i had to put into energy, its only at 70 though, ihave points saved which im gonna use after i get bonespear/spirit juiced up a bit

Shael + Eth in a 2 socketed Necro Helm with good mods = Rhyme
Dont rune words only work in items with NO mods already on it, what do you mean by necro helm then, right now im using wormskull
im gonna invest more into corpse explode, but i wanna get spear and stuff and hopefully thatll help my minions out


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Just look at how many people are helping this guys who actually hates NECROMANCERS :) Who said we didn't know what love is?

Some quick comments on his complaint. You guys have said how to improve his character. I will say something else.

1) It's true. It's very hard to start this game with a brand-new battle chest. You got to have something to start with. Some jerks've got real money, shopping eBay and getting some full sets through PayPal. They are unique and let us leave them alone. If you want to get SOMETHING from NOTHING, it's difficult. If you plan to play untwinked, hmm, I never tried and it might take a very long time.

2) Gear collection >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> character build. The ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>" means "harder." I won't be surprised at all you can make a lvl 90 whatever character in two weeks. And if you spend sometime in this forum you can easily find the so-called "perfect build." I don't blame Aaroniekins. Getting the stuff you want can indeed make you crazy.

3) The point of the game is to make yourself HAPPY. Don't compare your character with your peers or other players. Some people played this game before Windows 98 came out. Yesterday I showed a summoning Necro 8 summoning charms. He hated me so much. Guess what, I didn't tell him I got the charms for paying the trader a Mara and a Soj which had taken me months to find.

4) This game is a part-time job. Being a super hero doesn't happen just after dinner in D2. You may hate to hear this. A lot people hate to know this, too. But the game IS time-consuming. I don't recommend D2 to the people who are busy enough already. There are many ways to enjoy life.


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well i took some advice and have been goin into corpse explode, i actually wasted 2 points in spear, but thats ok(my dream is to get those morrowwalks or wahtever later on to make up for it :p)
but the corps explosion helps, my only beef gettin minions in the beginning but i go to act 5 and theres some outside of town
as for time, the reason it took so long 2 get this far is my life, its busy, got a boyfriend etc
but....im not gonna quit
as for a real beef, i was finally able to do a baal run solo and at the throne i got connection interrupted...LOL


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If you are on Europe Ill give you some Marrow Walks if you like. Plus I have loads of Necro equip I dont use. :thumbsup:
indeed.. tell us what realm you are on

i think many ppl here are willing to help you get started (including me) and that includes:
* some free but nice starting equip
* some free advice on gameplay
* some evaluation talk on your build as you show it to them
* some FUN :flip:

let us know, and we will help ya getting just as addicted to this silly game as the rest of us


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Its nice to see player coming together :thumbsup:

I have plenty of equip ladder//non-ladder for all possible builds of the necro (except the mojomancer - but who really cares about that)

Im on Europe so PvT message me if your in the area. :drool:

Mad Mantis

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This is most peculiar. With 20/20 SM/RS, Might Merc and some CE and you can't kill things?

Could you tell me a bit about your playstyle. For instance describe how a run through the Canyon of the Magi goes.