Hardcore Team


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Hardcore Team

I thought I would try something a little different here.. I was bored and started playing on a couple hardcore players, but of course it gets a little boring playing by yourself.. So I thought I would see if I could get 5 more people together and run through all the acts together as a team.. I don't know just something a little different and worth a shot

If you would like to try it, just let me know.. I play on U.S. West Ladder but would happily switch to another Ladder to suit other players :D

When you can play:
Character you will play:
Account name:

Hahaha I guess no one wants to do it.. Well I will leave it up just in case someone does wanna do it
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Re: Hardcore Team

I wanted to do this too but you know... procrastination...

I think it would be fun though- setting up a weekly meeting for some untwinked play (maybe ironman style?). I am HCeast though, so that's too bad.

Maybe you'll have more success finding people on your realm in the Player match-up forums or maybe start one of those 'social group' things in the community links.

I'll post my stuff here anyways, if by some miracle this kicks off :).
When you can play: Late as **** (10-2am PMT &Sundays all day)
Character you will play: FireClaws Druid /w summons
Server: EHCL
Account name: *dunnoaname

Best of luck to ya.


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Re: Hardcore Team

I also have been procrastinating.. But finally got some time where I thought I would try something new

Yeah we would set up a time when everyone or some wanted to get on to play some, go level beat the acts together.. Just work as a team and benefit from each other.. Sounded like some fun to me.. Its okay if theres more from US East I will just make an account on it and we can play then :)