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Hardcore Orb/TK Blind-Teleporting Budget MF Sorceress ifra

Discussion in 'Sorceress' started by Socialism, May 14, 2007.

  1. Socialism

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    Dec 18, 2005
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    UPDATED: Hardcore Orb/TELEPORT/TK Blind-Teleporting Budget MF Sorceress

    - Massively Updated November 26th, 2008 -
    Featuring a BRAND NEW 'Rich jerk section' at the end of this post! Yowie! Zappo!

    NOTE: Foundations of this guide also apply to CLASSIC players.

    DISCLAIMER: Huge read. The Hardcore Orb/TELEPORT/(tk) Blind-Teleporting Budget MF Sorceress is formed from the collective knowledge of the good folks at the and AB Hardcore forums.


    This is for poor/new-ladder -LEGIT- players wanting an efficient and durable MFer.
    Assumptions: untwinked, no-trade, solo hardcore play (softcore too). Shako, COH/HOTO/CTA,
    torches etc. are shiny but unnecessary. This text is long, but laid out to help you truly
    understand how to keep this super-efficient teleporter and magic finder alive.

    NOTE: Already an expert? Never die teleporting? Skip to the build in the next post.
    Then again, if you're already 1337, why are you reading a guide? Nooblet.


    Correct teleporting means holding down teleport and watching the mini-map, ignoring all else.
    Blind-Teleporting is the absolute fastest way to travel. With adequate faster cast rate (FCR),
    faster hit recovery (FHR), faster block rate (FBR), and mana cost-to-regeneration ratio, it's also
    the safest way.

    Basic MF tenets

    I hate MFing, so I maximized efficiency and minimized boredom, best expressed by my
    super-aggressive playstyle. I blind-teleport exclusively in hardcore and have never lost an
    MFer to it. Tenets:
    • 1. Profit
    • 2. Survival
    • 3. Speed
    Kill fast, live, and get drops worth the time invested.

    1. Profit

    Don't run Pits/Tunnels if you want volume finds. Great stuff drops, but very rarely. The Pits
    may have the same arealvl as WSK, but Baal and minions drop exponentially better. I don't
    recommend solo Baals unless you're an Enigma-din or Infinity user. If you have this stuff; stop
    reading. Why do you still MF? Untwinked dual-element casters can Baal, but lack optimal safety.

    That said...

    Hell Mephisto dies easily, doesn't need much MF for AWESOME drops, and has excellent
    TC categories. Major deterrent? The journey from Durance 2 to Durance 3.

    Note: "Glitching" bosses is very profitable. Make games with a character that's already
    killed the boss for quest; kill the boss with a character that hasn't. This yields an enhanced
    "quest drop" every time. Guaranteed.

    2. Survival & 3. Speed (these go hand-in-hand)

    a. Teleporting
    *Barebones, a well-equipped teleporter has:
    4-6 mana cost Teleport, 63% FCR, 30% FHR, 27% FBR, decent resistances, 75% block
    *Ideally, a well-equipped teleporter has:
    2-4 mana cost Teleport, 105% FCR, 60% FHR, 27% FBR, stacked resistances, 75% block

    b. Mephisto
    You only need cold/light resistance to run Hell Mephisto. Specialize. Don't fight every monster
    in the game. Fire/Poison resists aren't useful for teleporting through Durance 2.

    c. Why most die to (a), some to (b), and what to learn from their mistakes

    Section c. Part 1
    Most die teleporting due to lag or "teleport lock," i.e. when something stops you from teleporting.
    You're swarmed by fanatic/extra strong/cursed dolls, RIP.

    Teleport lock is caused by:
    • 1. getting hit and going into recovery animation
    • 2. blocking hits and going into recovery animation
    • 3. getting hit and manaburned (stuck!)
    • 4. running out of mana (see above)
    • 5. teleporting on an item (corpse, well, chest, whatever)
    Surviving/avoiding Teleport lock requires (in order of importance):
    • 9-frame cast rate or faster
    • 30%+ faster hit recovery
    • low (2-6 mana) Teleport cost (infinicast - keep reading)
    • good faster block recovery (27%+) and blocking (75%)
    • decent nerves
    • enough life to take 3-4 hits
    • 16-slot belt (row setup: purple, purple, red, blue)


    Teleport lock causes #1: getting hit and #2: blocking hits

    Faster Cast Rate
    At 63% (9-frame) or 105% (8-frame) casting, most enemies won't complete their attack animation
    before you've teleported away. I hold down teleport, watch the mini map, and keep an eye on
    life/mana. 99% of the time, nothing hits me because I don't stop to chat. If I do get hit,
    fine. Tap '2' or '3' for life. Don't panic. If manaburned, tap '4' for mana and don't break stride.

    Faster Hit Recovery
    If hit, you'll need 30%+ FHR to avoid teleport lock (#1). Higher is better. This speeds up your hit
    recovery animation when hit for a certain % of life. Match/beat your teleport cast rate to
    prevent hiccups. Think Bloodfist and rare FHR boots/belts.

    Faster Block Rate
    With a slow block rate and multiple fast-hitting/high AR monsters, you're likely to get stuck in block
    animation from all the hits, aka "block lock." To avoid this, you need a shield with FBR. Rhyme's
    ok, but upgraded Moser's Circle/Visceratuant or Whitstan's Guard are superior. In a bind, a bone
    shield of deflection (30% FBR / 20% increased blocking) with resists will do.

    Teleport lock causes #3: getting hit, manaburn and #4: running out of mana

    Invest in teleport (points in teleport > warmth; invest at a 4 or 3:1 ratio only if you have to).
    The Orb/TK build can do this without losing too much efficiency. With a 2-6 mana cost teleport,
    decent (100%+ish) mana regen, and 4-600 mana from base energy (use charms if needed), you'll
    regenerate fast enough to teleport indefinitely - even if manaburned. Still, chug blues just in case.

    Teleport lock cause #5: clicking on an item

    Hold spacebar ("show items" key) while teleporting. This disables the cursor from registering items.
    Alternatively, type /nopickup in the chatbox (great for anyone killing Baal's minions!).

    Section c. Part 2
    75% blocking is key. Moat trick is slow and a ninja council member might kill you. Teleport right up
    to Mephisto, Orb once to chill, then jam out Static Fields. Ideally, your merc has 50/75% slow and
    tanks - walk back so Orbs are "sweetspotting" (last Orb explodes inside Mephisto's graphic). Repeat
    until dead. Your A2 normal Defiance merc should use Kelpie Snare, Reaper's Toll, or Woestave.

    Running Debates

    Max Block vs. Vita
    Why get hit if you don't have to? Max block has 75% chance of deflecting all Mephisto's attacks
    excluding lightning/poison - which he won't use in melee. Read: the 'Cold Ball' is blockable.

    For this specific teleporter, max block > max vita because:

    Faster Hit Recovery
    Realistically, with starting gear, you'll have 10 or 9-frame hit recovery, max.

    Faster Block Rate
    With an easily acquired Whitstan's Guard or Visceratuant, you hit 6-frame blocking.

    What this means:
    * Get hit while teleporting, teleport away in 10 or 9 frames.
    * Block while teleporting, teleport away in 6 frames. That's a 75% chance to escape 50% faster.
    • Max vita: you can take ~10 hits, but are hit 80-85% of the time (factoring in mediocre
      blocking from base dexterity). A stitch of lag and you're dead.
    • Max block: you can take ~7 hits, but are hit only 25% of the time. Max block over max
      vita on *this* Meph MF sorceress any day. (note: all my other sorceresses are max vita)

    Frozen Armor vs. Shiver Armor
    Shiver Armor apparently chills enemies when they begin their attack animation, while Frozen Armor
    only kicks in after you take an unblocked hit. Go with Shiver Armor; it's nice to escape unscathed.

    63 vs. 105 FCR
    Orb is on a timer. FCR is only used for Static/Teleport. You can teleport fine at 9 frames, but faster
    is better. Hit 105% if you can afford to, but don't stress if you only hit 63% FCR.

    Insight vs. Kelpie Snare vs. Teleport vs. Energy Shield vs. Ice Bolt
    First off, I don't like being dependent on a mercenary for survival. If you rely on Insight and don't
    invest in Teleport, fast-hitting manaburn mobs will kill you. With 2-6 mana cost Teleports and decent
    mana regen, manaburn is a joke, even without a mercenary.

    Second, unless he's very well-dressed, Emilio will die vs. Andariel without a source of slow or
    decrepify. With Kelpie Snare, he has a much better chance of survival, so tack on another boss you
    can easily MF. Kelpie Snare + Blackhorn's Face = 95% slow. Wow.

    Energy Shield, like blocking, is just a buffer between damage and life. 55% absorb coupled with fast
    mana regen/cheap teleports is enough to save you from most teleport lock scenarios. Truth be told,
    Energy Shield is unnecessary - but if you're untwinked... don't chance it. You'll end up whining.

    >>> Let me be clear: I don't use Energy Shield on any sorceress I make (I only play hardcore). Its mechanics scream "kill me" for a small handful of scenarios. Not common, but prevalent. Thus.

    The ONLY instance I will ever recommend the use of Energy Shield is for this sorceress. This penniless, built-to-get-gear-for-other-characters, "I wear what I found" sorceress. And only for teleporting through Durance 2. And only for less-than-regen-mana-cost-cast teleport. And only with maxxed Telekinesis. And perhaps if you have a less-than-broadband internet connection (~150++ ping).

    Regarding Ice Bolt debates, here's an old (slightly modified) post of mine from long ago:
    Note that the analysis above is based on low-to-no +skill Frozen Orbs. I absolutely recommend putting points into Ice Bolt: but only when you have enough +skills to make it worthwhile. Increasing 300 damage by 40% (+120 damage)isn't much to brag about; increasing 600 damage by 40% (+240! damage) is. Recap: points in Ice Bolt only "worth it" with a ton of +skills and +% cold damage gear. Read this to see what 40% damage can help you get to.

    Points into Energy Shield and prereqs vs. Memory staff

    Memory's great, but finding a nice 4 os staff with +eshield or +shiver is tedious and time consuming.
    Also, stash-switch prebuffing is irritating. I'd rather invest the 4-5 points into energy shield so I can
    use Gull + Rhyme (125% MF) or Ali Baba + Rhyme (~100% MF) on switch. More MF means more loot!

    NEW! Rich jerk section!

    Ok. For the curious bastards out there who just
    won't let up, here's the old "legendary" (ha!) Socialism [B]super-twink[/B]
    massive-damage full-game-Baal-teleporter pure Orber setup.
    20 Ice Bolt
    01 Frost Nova, Ice Blast, Spike, Blizzard, Frozen Armor, Shiver Armor
    20 Frozen Orb
    20 Cold Mastery
    20 Warmth
    10 Teleport
    01 Telekinesis
    01 Static Field
    98 skill points, done at level 87.
    Q: "¿Por que no tiene Energy Shield?"
    A: I'm not gear-poor and I have a decent broadband connection.
    Q: "Skills?"
    A: 14 or 17, depending on gear setup. 15 or 18 with Battle Command.
    Q: "Gieb gear piece by piece equipment plz? lol"
    A: No.
    - 8-frame cast rate
    - no dupewords
    - lightning absorb
    - around 1.3k damage per shard
    - meets or exceeds all breakpoints save for [B]one[/B] glaring omission!
    Now that's all covered, finally, the build/setup.
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  2. Socialism

    Socialism Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 18, 2005
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    - Massively Updated November 26th, 2008 -

    The Hardcore Orb/TELEPORT/(tk) Blind-Teleporting Budget MF Sorceress

    • Stat Setup

      STR: 45 is safe, or enough for gear (perfectionism discouraged if untwinked)
      DEX: enough for max (75%) block
      VIT: everything else
      ENE: 0

      Skill Setup
      • 1 Ice Bolt, Frost Nova, Ice Blast, Spike, Blizzard, Frozen Armor, Shiver Armor
      • 20 Frozen Orb
      • 20 Cold Mastery
      • 20 Telekinesis
      • 1-5 Static Field (untwinked, this knocks out levels 6-30 *fast*)
      • 10-20 Teleport (enough for ~2-6 mana cost)
      • 1 Charged Bolt, Lightning, Chain Lightning
      • 1-5 Energy Shield (~55% after +skills)
      • 1-5 Warmth

      Skill Point Progression

      - 1 all cold prerequisites ASAP
      - 1 Warmth, Frozen Armor
      - 1 Static Field (storebought +3 Static staff, Frost Nova, & merc gets to level 24 fast)
      - 1 Telekinesis
      - 10 Teleport
      - 12 Frozen Orb and Cold Mastery simultaneously
      - max Frozen Orb
      - add to Teleport to balance with mana regen (close in on infinicast* manacost)
      - max Cold Mastery
      - 1-5 into Energy Shield (~50-60% with endgame +skills)
      - max Telekinesis
      - rest Warmth/whatever

      Build done ~level 72 - 94, depending on the awesomeness of your end-game gear
      *Note: Infinicast = able to cast ad infinitum without losing mana.

      Early Untwinked Levels

      This character does fine solo/untwinked without any external help. 12-24 takes
      patience. Rely on Emilio, a sapphire/topaz Hunter's Bow, and static field - you'll get there in
      2-3 hours, depending on drop luck. A storebought +3 static staff takes you to A4 easily.

      Pick up and sell anything worth more than 400 gold (throwing weapons for the win) and
      I cannot stress this enough. It'll make you a decent caster early on. Don't be lazy.

      Random Dirt-Cheap Equipment Suggestions (superior | inferior)

      Weapon:.... Wizardspike (huge FCR, huge res) | Spirit | Spectral Shard
      Shield:*.... Upgraded Moser’s Circle/Visceratuant | Whitstan's Guard
      Switch:.... Gull + "Rhyme" Shield (MF) | Ali Baba + Milabrega's Shield
      Head:*.... Rockstopper (Shael it!) | Tarnhelm | 3 p-topaz mask | Rare**
      Armor:*.... Vipermagi (skill, FCR, res - hands down best) | “Smoke” Armor | "Stealth" Armor
      Hands:.... Magefist (FCR) | Bloodfist (FHR) | FHR/res rare
      Belt:.... Bladebuckle (FHR) | Tal's belt | 16-slot FHR dual/tri-res Rare**
      Amulet:.... +skill/fcr/res | Tancred Amulet/Boots combo | Nokozan Relic | MF/FCR/res Rare**
      Rings 1/2:.... MF/mana/life/res Rare (get what you can; I used FCR/Mana)**
      Feet:.... Hotspur | FHR/FRW/MF dual/tri-res Rare** | Tancred Amulet/Boots combo

      * Perfect diamonds in shield, ruby/topaz elsewhere; resist jewel in Wizardspike
      ** FHR, resistances, life, mana - get what you can, really

      Life/mana charms, FHR/resistances to reach breakpoints. Torch/annihilus are great
      but unnecessary. Untwinked/no-trade folks shouldn’t plan around notoriously hard
      to get itams since the build functions just fine without them anyway.

      Side note: I’ve soloed the Diablo Clone with this build at least 5 times – it’s a long test
      of potions and patience. Half-hour kill, anyone? Spawn him in the Den of Evil to avoid
      surprises. This character isn't built for clone-killing; avoid unless you're reckless like me.

      Normal A2 Defiance (Defensive) Mercenary

      My ultimate not-quite-budget Hell Meph merc setup:
      Weapon:.... Kelpie Snare (Shael | Eth | Tal*)
      Armor:.... Eth "Duress" glitched Armor ~1k base def (FHR, OW, CB, Res)
      Helm:.... Eth Blackhorn's Face (Shael) | Eth Vampire Gaze** (Cham) (bahahaha)

      Reasonable Alternative (armor/helm preferably ethereal):
      Weapon:.... Kelpie Snare (Shael | Eth)
      Armor:.... Treachery | Duriel's Shell
      Helm:.... Blackhorn's Face | Rockstopper (Shael it!) | Tal Rasha's Mask**

      *Poison negates enemy healing. Ignore if using Treachery [Venom cancels duration]
      **Mercenaries can't lifesteal from Mephisto without Life Tap

      Mercenary vs. damage vs. exploding dolls

      * Normal A2 Defiance merc, level 95, perfect hit, perfect %ed Kelpie Snare
      and perfect 20%ed “Duress” Armor
      * ‘Bone Fetish’ (exploder) types have 2789–6249 life in 1-player hell games

      Kelpie Type........Max Damage*
      Upgraded Ethereal........2943 (4% chance of 1-hit kill) 
      *Obviously, significantly less for lower-level mercs using less-than-perfect equipment.

      A 1-hit killed monster (~2900 life) exploding for 100% life vs. a 55% energy shield
      75% fire-resist sorc does 1595 mana damage and 815 life damage. Moral: Don't use
      Up'd Eth Perfect Kelpie Snare unless you have a ton of HP (1000++) to spare.

      Note: Ironically, this build gets safer with more players in game. More players in
      the game makes it impossible for your merc to 1-hit kill anything. If you have someone
      to BO/split drops with or an extra set of CDkeys, congratulations. You’ve got it made.

      Addendum: Mercenary Survival

      There have been many inquiries about how to keep your mercenary alive vs.
      Mephisto/Andariel/Act Bosses in general. Before we dip in to survival techniques,
      there are three things to understand.

      1) Mercenaries take increased damage from Act Bosses. From the Arreat Summit:
      2) There are four variables in the chance to hit of an attack. Attacker Level,
      Attacker Attack Rating, Defender Level, and Defender Defense Rating. The formula
      heavily weighs in attacker/defender level variation. Outside a certain range, if attacker
      level is higher than defender level, the attacker's chance to hit (and conversely,
      defender's chance to avoid being hit) skyrockets.

      From's Facts & Formulae Archive:
      3) The longer it takes you to kill Mephisto, the more likely your mercenary will die.

      Mercenary Survival Tactics

      A) Reduce attack damage and/or frequency

      i. reduce damage of enemy attacks

      Dumb. Through gear damage reduction %. Mephisto does 1000% (10x) damage to Emilio.
      Shaftstop reduces received damage by 35%.
      1000% - 35% = 965%. Whoop tee doo. Yes, that's the correct calculation.

      Smart. Through curses; i.e. Decrepify from Reaper's Toll. This reduces dealt damage by 50%
      so it's really 'only' 500% damage.

      ii. diminish frequency of enemy attacks
      Awesome. Blackhorn's Face + Kelpie Snare = 95% slow target
      (I've found this safer than using Reaper's Toll for decrepify)

      B) Dilute target pool by helping to tank

      Only Emilio takes 10x damage from Mephisto, not you. Teleport directly onto Mephisto and
      take some of the heat off while staticking.

      C) Normalize attack/defense ratings by matching levels

      The most significant way to simultaneously diminish your merc's number of landed hits and
      increase his number of landed attacks is to raise his level closer to Mephisto's (mlvl 87).

      D) Work on your aim
      A direct sweet-spot Orb explosion will do significantly more damage than a
      slightly off 'sweet spot' Orb. Kill Mephisto in 10 seconds vs. 16 seconds; each additional
      second gets you closer to losing 50k gold.

      Hotkey setup

      Q W E R T
      A S D F
      Z _ C

      Q: Shiver Armor – prep
      W: Energy Shield – prep
      E: Frozen Orb
      R: Glacial Spike
      T: Telekinesis – my favourite; speeds up potion fetching, chests, portals/wps, etc.
      A: Teleport
      S: Frost Nova
      D: --
      F: Static Field
      Z: Tome of Town Portal – never TP from the inventory again!
      C: Character Screen – I’m a sucker for compulsive checking
      Shift: Stand Still
      Spacebar: Show Items - easy thumb rest, prevents hitting the Windows key

      Weapon switch on a third mouse button.

      General Killing

      Put Orb on the left mouse button (LMB) and leave it there. Use shift (stand still)
      to stationary-cast. Hotkey everything else to the right mouse button (RMB).
      When you can afford the mana cost, don’t walk or run – only teleport. It’s faster
      and safer: it accurately indicates lag and maintains 75% block all the time.
      Make this a habit.
      Orb first, talk later. Cast Static Field between Orbs until it’s useless, then cast
      Glacial Spikes to freeze enemies for increased safety while 'sweetspotting'.

      A “safe” rudimentary hardcore MFer progression
      • 1. Get to nightmare (NM) ~level 35, quickly get Den/Rhadament skill quests
      • 2. Run normal Travincal/Mephisto/Shenk/Eldritch/Crystalline/Ancient's/Baal
        until ~level 50 with 50%+ fire/cold/light resist in NM, 48% FCR, 50%+ block, maybe
        some life/mana charms; move on to NM Mephisto
      • 3. Run NM Mephisto until ~level 55 with 75% cold/light res in NM,
        63% FCR, 75% block, and 30% FHR; add NM Andariel and Baal to the kill list
      • 4. Run NM Andariel/Mephisto/Baal until ~level 75 with 50%+ fire
        75% cold/light res in Hell, 27% FBR, Woestave (50% slow) or Kelpie Snare
        (75% slow) for your mercenary; move on to Hell Mephisto
      • 5. Tack on Hell Andariel to the kill list if you’re confidently running Hell Mephisto

    Okay, that’s the lot. Thanks to the and AB crews for everything! Special mention goes to
    temporary unemployment for driving me to write this.


    Now go get rich so you can tell me all about it.

    - Socialism / Sunforge
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    Nice guide! Going to make this on hc soon. With my crappy internet connection it will be putting it to the test :D

    Not sure if any of the Build was pointed to classic. But i'll assume yes.

    Just mentioning the use of twitch to hit max block. Dex doesnt affect in classic.

    Also you say Hell andy would be harder then meph for this build? I've always had trouble with Meph and not andy with other sorcs. Guess I'll see how this guy turns out


    Edit: Read it again (About 7th time overall :D) and am wondering on the Defiance merc. I'm thinking the sorc's defence will be low with the following gear? So is it for merc survivabilty? Would a holy freeze merc work well?

  4. Socialism

    Socialism Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 18, 2005
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    I played this build from Malaysia with a ~350-800 ping on average, you'll be fine. This build works for classic. Twitch is a good inclusion, but I figured classic folks would be aware of that and dexterity issue for a caster. Good catch, though.

    My problem with Andariel was the constant loss of Emilio(TM). 50k-a-run was an excessive loss. Both Andariel and Mephisto die fine without a merc; it's just that having one really sped up the process for me. The net result of chill + 75% slow is very impressive.

    Holy freeze works fine - it's just unecessary. Frozen Orb does your chilling, and the extra defense (very noticeable with a high-def armor) works well, and adds a small layer of extra protection for you whilst teleporting.

    Good luck!

  5. squiggle

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    Feb 8, 2006
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    Ok cheers for that.

    I guess i'll try both. I figured Holy freeze would just make teleing even that little bit more safer :D

    I'll be shooting for 105 fcr bp to :D
  6. kuafu

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    I really like this guide, because the following three show that it's from someone who really played the game without using fully twinked items as if they cost nothing:
    1) 63FCR is enough
    2) Blindly maxing damage on merc means suicide to dolls
    3) Max block > max vitality
    From my personal experiences, these are so true yet so overlooked by most people.
  7. Socialism

    Socialism Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 18, 2005
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    I thought the same thing when I started this build too -- holy freeze should make me safer. Wrong. If you're teleporting correctly (as in, hold-teleport - not click-teleport), holy freeze, like all auras, won't lock on enemies until AFTER you've teleported away with (63% fcr). There's always a slight delay in monster-aura activation, if you've played many paladins. Theoretically (I can't test this, too busy atm), 105% fcr shouldn't have holy freeze activating on enemies at all.

    Try it out, see which one you prefer. $5 says you'll go defiance after 15-20 very observant teleport runs.

    Thanks! Great to know there are people who still play through out there. : )

  8. Krovvy

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    May 15, 2007
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    Good read, but could you explain why Shako is unnecessary?

    Edit: Nevermind, this is the budget guide, sorry!
  9. Socialism

    Socialism Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 18, 2005
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    With this basic build, you can twink on the ubarleet dmg godly itAmz and ramp up somewhere around 1.2-1.4k Orb damage or something (what's 1.8k - 40% ice bolt?), but that'll only make you marginally more efficient. The difference in your MF runs will be under 5 seconds net - because the only variable is getting Mephisto from ~54%ish life (50k) to zero. This is already done quite well by base 20 Orb/CM. You still run, teleport, and static at roughly the same speeds.
  10. McCain123

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    Jun 4, 2004
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    Good guide, I enjoyed reading it and could find a lot of things to be true for my HC MF-sorc. How about the not-so-budget section, as you will likely start to find useful gear with this sorc?
    One thing you didn´t use at all was damage reduction. Was it not necessary or just not possible with budget gear? I´m still afraid of this high damage, fanatism, might, extra fast, extra strong and of course mana burn group waiting for me, after I took stairs down. :undecided:
  11. PhatTrumpet

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    Jul 18, 2003
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    %DR is of little use in PvM when you've already got max block and ES. Straight PDR, however, could be effective in substantial amounts but can be difficult to get while maintaining max resists and decent FCR.

    The main point I see in going to not-so-budget gear would be to hit 105% FCR, since what really reduces your run time is getting to Meph faster. There are a number of ways of getting this, probaby the easiest being Wizzy, Vipermagi, Magefist, and a FCR ring. After that you could always switch your helm to Shako and/or switch your shield to Stormshield (%DR) or Gerke's (PDR/MDR).
  12. Headshott

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    Jul 20, 2006
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    Quick question. Whats the particular reason behind 20 skill points into telekinesis? I know it would speed up picking up potions/wp's and stuff, but wouldn't it be better to maybe stick those 20 into something like ice bolt or some sort, to increase orb damage? Just something I'd been thinking about considering i've never used telekinesis but when goofing off. Seeing if i'm missing some hidden use for this skill.
  13. handofnaz

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    Dec 1, 2005
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    If I recall correctly, TK factors in directly to improving the absorb rate of Energy Shield, or something like that. Oh, let's wait for Soc to explain it, all I know is high TK = better ES.

    Socialism, great guide! I just restarted again on SP, and this looks far more interesting as a first character, as I'm really not looking forward to yet another standard Blizzard sorc. I was thinking of adapting this build for a Countess rune runner, though, and was wondering if you might be able to give any advice on the matter.

    It seems that the majority of the Countess' resistances are to fire, cold, or both, and never to lightning, and I managed to build a pretty successful lightning sorc who concentrated specifically on killing her. I did fairly well without Energy Shield, having designed her more along the lines of a cookie-cutter lit sorc, and killed the Countess with Lightning blasts. So I want to rebuild her, but, you know, make her better.

    That pretty much means that I'll be investing mostly in Charged Bolt, Lightning, Chain Lightning and Mastery, but this time with more focus on lowering Teleport's costs. My last runner (who died with my last reformat) led a pretty safe existence throughout the Tower (and I stupidly didn't even have max block or the tiniest bit of FHR). So here's the question: should I worry about dropping a synergy in favor of using ES for a Countess runner? I'm thinking it won't be as necessary since Act I is generally safer than the Durance, and I'm actually considering using a Holy Freeze merc, because the Countess' room gets pretty crowded at times. Thoughts?

  14. Noite Escura

    Noite Escura Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 17, 2005
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    Telekinesis reduces the amount of Mana spend to absorb attack with Energy Shield. The guides thread stickied in this forum have a link to an 'Energy Shield explained' thread if you need more details.
    As for Countess, I run her straight with my Meteorb, using merc to kill her. I don't remember exactly the immunities of the pals around her, but I'm sure there are much of cold immunes, and that makes a pure Orber not the best option...
  15. Headshott

    Headshott Diabloii.Net Member

    Jul 20, 2006
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    Ok, that makes sense. I read around, but wasn't catching anything.

  16. kidsmokin

    kidsmokin Diabloii.Net Member

    May 7, 2007
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    I'm pretty sure Countess can roll Immune to Cold (Cold Enchanted), so that would be a dire situation.
  17. Socialism

    Socialism Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 18, 2005
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    Countess-wise, I wouldn't recommend running with an orb sorceress. I've never really
    bothered doing many countess runs-- if I recall correctly, either she or her minions are
    very often cold immune.

    A rather popular HC build is Light/TK - basically this setup, replacing teleport/cm/orb for
    Chain/Lightning/LM. If it's a pure countess runner, substitute TK with Teleport, since it
    doesn't seem to be a very dangerous map to teleport through.

    That said, with multiple CD keys, I always preferred hellforge rushing (way better payout
    than countess for the time invested, in my opinion) instead. Since you're single player and
    looking to make runewords, there are mods/patches available that let you run multiple
    copies of D2 at once, as well as RWM/RRM (including my own little colour mod that
    generated a TON of controversy in the SP forums). I'd look into those.

  18. Noite Escura

    Noite Escura Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 17, 2005
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    I've checked again. She is alwais Cold/Fire immune. Her minions are Cold immune, but sometimes also can spawn there Fallens(Fire immune) and Dark Archers(Light immunes). So, a dual element is mandatory for safe farming her. (unless Infinnity)
  19. Socialism

    Socialism Diabloii.Net Member

    Dec 18, 2005
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    Thanks! Nightmare Diablo should be a walk in the park, even without 75% fire/lightning
    resistance. The trick is to recognize the animation where he gears up to fire/light attack,
    and be ready to teleport. Death comes when you panic and mess up the hotkey-and-teleport
    sequence, so relax. With 63% FCR, you can teleport far away before the first bolt comes close
    to you.

    You need to be VERY comfortable teleporting instantly; switching to your teleport hotkey and
    right clicking should be second nature to you so you can take advantage of this build's great
    dexterity (not the stat): constant mobility for relatively little or no mana.

    FHR/FBR only apply when you're teleporting through packs of monsters. It doesn't affect your
    fight vs. Diablo if you're staying far enough away that your orb explodes directly on him.

    Anya: Minutely dangerous in hell, but yes, that's exactly what I did. A strong merc helps. If you're
    not very very comfortable with doing this in nm/hell yet, I'd suggest getting a friend to help out if
    you're not good at insta-porting (i.e. reflexes and hotkey-and-teleport sequence control).

  20. Noite Escura

    Noite Escura Diabloii.Net Member

    Aug 17, 2005
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    If you want to kill Diablo safely, just run around him throwing Orbs. He can't Lightning Blast you if you keep doing circles around him. Orbs will put him down easily.

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