hardcore barbarian


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hardcore barbarian

I have decided to start playing hardcore now and have decided to make a polearm barb.

I have read the forums on different types of builds and I want to make a polearm class barbarian but I am unsure of what build would be good for pvm.

I want a barb that can tank monsters like pindleskin, diablo, baal, monsters in the pit and d clone.

I also want a barb that can take alot of hits and survive (whether they be from monsters or players who hostile you during mid game play)

The items I have decided on using would be

Arreat Face
Obdience, Insight or Reapers Toll
Gore Riders or Ik boots
Verdungo, T-gods or Ik-belt
shaftstop armor (or other suggestions? must be easily come by :) )
Drac Gloves, Ik-Gloves or Crafted CB gloves
Highlords Amulet
Raven Frost ring and Bk-Ring

If anyone can help me make a killer build it would be most appreciated


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Obedience, Insight and Reaper's are more merc polearms and can never hit lwwp. Perhaps go for a shael-shael Bonehew or a Tomb Reaver or something :D Hmm for HC i won't be running Diablo and Baal with a shieldless barb (Iron Maiden, elemental attacks) but its up to you. As for players hostiling you its a bad idea taking damage without 50%pdr and max blocking Hmm if i were venturing in HC with a barb and wanna item run i'd go with a sword/shield or axe/shield WW barb but its a matter of preference i guess :D Cheers


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this barb will be pretty useless in Hell act4/5, other than helping to kill stranglers or a couple act bosses. if you have a party, the only thing that he may do best is BO - and then no Barb in HC seriously cast BO with 2h wpn active (I only saw many barbs in SC do this all the time). And your gear as listed won't give him lvl 30+ BO. if you don't have a party, given the gear he will have troubles just surviving Hell act4/5 (if this is on HCL - if this is SP, then everything will be fine since HC can be "softed" very easily).

A top shield and a big investment in dex will help any barb to tank better.