Hardcore Assasin Advice please


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Hardcore Assasin Advice please

Ok I'm trying my first hardcore assasin she's now level 25 in upper kurast (single player) and I have 3 questions:

1) How am I doing so far (stats below)
2) what should I watch out for ie. what killed your hardcore chars
3) what do I max first after DT ?? Options are SM Venom or DS

There can be no mistakes she must live to become a guardian :)

stats: base/actual

STR: 63/80
DEX: 44/47
VIT: 78
NRG: 25 (0 added)


Bladed Fury: 1
Dragon Talon: 12
Burst of Speed: 5
Shadow Warrior 1
1 in all prereq's for above skills

Life: 304
Mana : 64


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STR is pretty high for 25 and if you are going kicker all out you shouldnt need alot of Str. I keep dex/str = on Sin until late game where I may need more for an armor. I think 45/45 or 55/55 is what you want to shoot for early and probably not til a bit higher level than you are now. Then boost it if needed for specific items and hope you can get some of it in gear. Being Melee wihtout BO you want all the life you can get. Yes you have Blades but they dont kill fast they just keep you from really bad spots and IM.

I personally never invest in BoS and work on my +skills or find something on weapon switch to cast it to give me better BoS when I want it. I run under Fade nearly 100% of the time even kicking.


I like ot get level one Death Sentry on kickers. Any CE, even small radius is nice.

I prefer the Shadow Master......I realize you are not there yet just mentioning it.

Poison can add a good deal especially to your Blades I would get it and use it but dont pump it till later, get your kicking maxed first.

Blade Shield is worth a point also, it carrys your crushing blow IIRC might even carry other mods not sure.......


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I put 5 point's in BoS because I like running uber fast lol. I will need alot of strenght to get myrmadon greaves I'm actually lucky enough to own a pair of shadow dancers as for not using fade I'm planning on taking care of resists via prismatic small charms.

my planned equipment is

Helm: Guillan's
Ammy: godly rare assasin (30 str 5x fire, 3x something else, +1 Assasin skills)
Ring: Ravenfrost + some (godly rare)
Gloves: Soul Drainers (dual leech and weaken) don't have dracul's :(
Boots: Shadow dancer
belt: IK
Armor: Lionheart
Shield: SS
Weapon: (etheral) fleshripper eth if I can get my hands on 1

I'll think about Bladed shield but the duration is soo damn short with 1 more point I'd be done level ** it seems like a good prebuff for bosses but 20 seconds??

I already (over)use CoS which IMO is the best skill of any class in the entire game :D and I will get mindblast but later when I get SM it's too expensive for me to cast personally. In the SM however this is a great skill

my comment on bladed fury: yes I got it recently and mainly for IM, but it is usefull on fallen act 1, fetishes in act 3, and imps in act 5 which are all annoying to chase down.

ok but once I max kicking what should I max venom or SM ?? I plan on getting DS last any opinions on this I've got 3 great skills to work with


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Well I usually get DS fast......

Dont forget +skills, the lvl 1 Blade shield probably wont be lvl 1....nor DS nor anything else.

Not sure why you think you need the myrmadon greaves a DT can kill Uber D with once upped Goblin Toes!!! Boot damage really isnt what gets the job done its the mods. Now Gulliams is nice, but personally I would rather run some other tasty helm if I had it.

IIRC my last DT Sin was:

Tals Helm
Jade Talon
Nats Armor (3) Rubs......Ghetto rules!!!
IK Belt IIRC btu could of been TGods, seems like I used an Eth one on some Sin
Goblin Toes upped once
Forget the rest, I am sure I had some leech ring wiht resist and a Raven or I may even been running Angelics.....
Think ammy was a +3 blue with extras

Basically just about as ghetto as it gets and she killed anywhere

Venom/SM.......bring em both up as needed, there is no reason to focus on one, but I would want a fairly good SM before Hell.

Fade isnt just resisits but PDR also


Now I did have a good deal of skillers as they dont trade worth a damn and is one reaason I went for building her.....seems like I had 4-5......

Dex was Min
Str Min
Vita out the arse
base energy

Now, you get more CB in your build and bigger damage sure she will kill better, but I looked at things like......whats the difference in 25% CB and say 35%? do what 6 kicks each skill you might get 1 more CB per string.

She was made purely to kill Uber D.....didint invest anythign on her really and cruised thru the game just fine solo......definetly not speedy around IM though.


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Hmm I don't need myrmadon greaves ?? but shadow dancers have good mods :) I will definetly consider this it broadens the equipment possibilities.

I DO need maximum resist for my first ever hc sorry but every single time one of my sc chars died it was due to an elemental attack or frost nova / explosion from a fire/cold enchanted boss (and resitance equal to or less than 75%). the resistance needed will be from small charms so it is'nt an issue.

hmm claw claw kicker ???? this is a possibility I have not considered I could leech some points from SM and then put them into Claw Block?? the 35% of the SS is very tempring however. I have both Jade and tuc's but the mods on fleshripper.............. -50% def., slows by 20%, 50% open wound, 33% deadly, and 25% crushing blow, sweet sweet sweet mods

question: in single player can I upgrade without Rune Word Mod?? I trade on these trade forums here and most people there consider that mod a "taint" so they would not trade with me

back to the boots issue why upped goblin toe and not gore rider's they seem better in every respect aside from CB% which I have enough of ??

as for BF my setup would have only +1 to all and i know I have to get 3 martial arts for 24DT/5 kicks I was going to have the rest of my inventory filled by shadow discipline skillers for better venom/SM/CoS/BoS would you recommend instead to have that +5 go into BF for an extra 25 seconds for a total 45s ?? 45 is low but getting slowly to the edge of decent. Perhaps a diffrent helm is in order Andies visage may do nicely net gain of 40% resistance, but I'd lose alot of CB

oh BTW she just pwned mephisto with no damage aside from being poisoned :D casualties: #1 Shadow #2 Merc

more people more opinions please!!!! thanks in advance I want to have as much info as possible before going to hell in a few days


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Update diablo is no more !!!! :D hardcore is so awsome :D:D every time I kill a hard boss there is a much higher sense of accomplishment. It was a tough fight and I almost got pwned by his lightning (5% hp left). (only 40% Lightning Res, 73fire res.) but after that I started using my shadow as a decoy and came in for 3-4 kicks each time before he pwned her and ran like crazy. next challange: ancients keep your fingers crossed for me lol


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Hardcore is the only reason I play Diablo II anymore. I recently started over and it is very cool when you can get excited over just about any unique drop. And Diablo IS pretty scary to face off against when you can't mule over equipment yet, but I found Baal hasn't been too bad. Once you've gotten the hang of HC, you might start thinking SC is pretty lame. Good luck to you!

P.S. One of my character's mercenary is using Howltusk (25% chance to flee) and Woestave (blindness, slow, AND freeze, not to mention prevent monster heal!). Not to mention my character is using Coif of Glory for more blindy goodness. Keep an eye out for such mods - they can make life much much easier... and longer!


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I would say your next goals should be Death Sentry and Shadow Master. Kickers are poor untwinked characters to say the least, so you've definitely got your work cut out for you if you plan to make it to Guardian.