Happy Birthday Satrina!

Raft Boy

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Happy Birthday Satrina!

Since it's February 2 over in Jolly Ol' England, I guess it's ok for me to make this thread a bit early. ;)

Happy Birthday to our resident Hello Kitty Princess! :jig: I won't say how old she is, but I'll just say she's older than me. :xtongue:

Oh, and since you didn't get one for your 1,000 milestone...

*puts in techno porno music*

*strips down to a Hello Kitty G-String*

*gives Satrina a lap dance*
HAPPY BIRHTDAY SATRINA!!!! Many huggles from over here. I would give you a lapdance too but that would give you some jail time. *Gives Satrina a gift certificate to HelloKitty Land*

I hope you don't mind that instead.

Just wondering what is the difference between "porno techno" and normal techno? I sure as hell can't tell a difference. :innocent: :whistle: :music:


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Satrina's a birthday girl today? Now where did I put that spanking stick? :p

Happy birthday, Satrina! :jig:

My kitties send their huggles.


Huggles for all! Especially the birthday girl! *gets out his jumbo sized trout birthday paddler*


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Huggles to you from Washington State. And.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Hope that you have a great uhmmmmmm, 29th birthday? ;)


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*Huggles Everyone*

*Tries not to giggle at Rafty too much*
Hun, maybe go with KOW's idea next time. And stop stealing my undies :lol:

Thanks loads everybody :jig:
I'm not quite sure what number this one should be, so I think I'll go with Lunar at 29 ;)

Not quite fully awake yet, so that's about as witty and coherant as y'all get right now :lol:

Loads of Lovies and *Huge Huggles* to everyone


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*Huggles all the Sweeties* :jig:

And loads of sweet lil Kitty pics too! What more could a girl want? :D

Thanks loads everybody. Emmy's at school and Hubby's at work, so far it's pretty much been just like a normal day here. Except Tinki's been a bit more cuddly. I suspect he wants something rather than anything else though :lol:

At least Hubby was extra sweet on our anniversary, Jan 30th, presents and flowers then, so I can give a little slack seeing as that was only a few days ago ;)