Happy Birthday Anyee!

Do you bot, or not or dont care?

  • I Bot, its my game to do as I wish....

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  • I dont bot is screws the game....

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  • I personally dont care.....

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Happy Birthday Anyee!

Anyee is 25 today, if I did the math right. Congrats on her first quarter-century!


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I voted boobies. Cheers!

(Why do we congratulate people on their birthday? I think we should salute them instead.)

*Snaps a sharp salute in Anyee's direction*


*gives Anyee a birthday lap dance which, unfortunately, has none of the desired effect whatsoever*

*runs away*


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Happy Durf's best-guess approximation of your birthday Anyee!

And, just in case you do go for option #5 I have a Zone 7 Commuter Rail ticket here with 2 punches left on it. :wink2:


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Boobies all the way! :xgift:

Happy birthday, Anyee! At 25, you're starting to get old and crusty like me. :D


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A one, a two, a one, two three

[really, really bad, out of tune singing]
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Anyee,
Happy birthday to you.
[/really, really bad, out of tune singing]


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Since I fear you so much Anyee, I've decided to get you a restraining order for your birthday present. ^.^

I also got you a cake, but the court system had to take all but one piece as payment for their services.


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Happy birthday :) get another tattoo!! I suggest Fentanyl because it looks pretty like serotonin :)

Plus, like Fentanyl, you are 100 times more potent than morphine (I know :( it doesn't make sense)


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Feliz cumpleano, bella! Here's wishing you the best on Durf's what-might-be-but-may-not-be birthday!

Oh, and go for the boobies. One can never go wrong with boobies. Well, almost never...


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Happy birthday hon!
Christ im older than you, I always thought you were older than me. You always make me feel so... unsmart. ;)

*love and hugs* Have a good one.


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Nicely done, 25 flawless trips around the sun. Here's to another 25 of proving people wrong and pissing them off! Happy birthday Anyee! :buddies: